Thursday 19 January 2017

In My Closet

I just put little Tsunami to bed. Notice that I didn’t mention anything about sleep right now, but I am sure that will come in the fullness of time. She misses her mommy and daddy and there are times when I miss them as well. Just a couple of more days and their family will be reunited.

I read to her, well I tried but when the pages get turned before I was able to focus on more than one word per page it can’t really be called reading. I guess that is toddler speed reading. We went through seven books and I am not sure what any of them were about. I bent down to kiss her good night and somehow thru out my knee. Getting old sucks.

I am just thankful that she isn’t worried about monsters in the closet or under the bed. I was terrified to even hang my foot over the edge of the bed for fear that it would be snapped off and digested in some monsters stomach before I could even scream for help. I suspect that monsters were an approved parenting method in the fifties. Either that or my older brother was the devil incarnate. I’m going with my brother…
 Image result for monsters under the bed
If Tsunami was afraid of the monsters under the bed or in the closet I would have given her a hug (there goes the other knee) and told her there was nothing to fear because the monster is in Washington tonight plotting the overthrow of democracy.
 Image result for trump as monster
She will wake up to a new world tomorrow. Personally I think it will be a sadder, meaner world, but I hope that I am wrong. I pray that I am wrong. I have always gone to bed comforted in the knowledge that the people running the world were much smarter than I was. Tonight things have changed and a man who panders to the basest human traits will have four years to force his version of truth on the world. It would be nice if we survived.

I don’t mind what happens to me, but I hope that Hurricane, Tornado and Tsunami get to live in a world without fear. The one good thing about He Who Must Not Be Named becoming president is that it will be a wake up call for the voters in four years. They will learn what and who not to vote for.

I hope I am not right and pray that the monsters return to their rightful place under my bed and in my closet not at 1600 Pennsylvania Blvd, Washington, DC.

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