Thursday 4 June 2015

Tsunami Year One

A year ago today, my grand daughter was born.

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She has grown so much in the past year, not just in size, but in information processed and understood. There is a lot of frustration in not being able to get that tiny body to function as it should, but as they say, all in good time…all in good time.

I am not really a big fan of very tiny babies; they just don’t do much of anything. I don’t do much of anything either and since I have the seniority she should back the hell off! Yes, I am a monster in some ways, but I will grow on you. Tsunami has managed to grow through that awkward baby stage and is now communicating her wishes like any dictator would. She throws tantrums, tosses things and as a last resort she will stuff random objects in her mouth until she gets her way. “Her way” is getting food when she is hungry, changed when she is dirty and loved all of the time. That’s not too much to ask when you are one year old.

Her parents have probably done an equal amount of learning and the changes for them have been no less drastic. They can feed themselves, know how to eliminate waste and rarely do they stuff random objects in their mouths. They have learned that they have an unlimited capacity to love. Even when over tired and totally frustrated by life. They have learned that their needs take second place to Tsunami. They have been learning how to incorporate a little body into an already active lifestyle. They are experts at assembling those crazy baby things like strollers, car seats, bike seats, beds, child friendly toys, playpens and an unlimited number of those absolutely necessary items needed to raise a baby in the modern age.

It is the stuff most parents learn, some better than others. These parents have mastered the art in just a few short months. Of course they have a lot to learn yet, but don’t we all. They will have their hearts broken when the light of their lives tell them that she HATES, HATES, HATES them as she slams the door of her bedroom. Her father will want to die the first time she brings a “wrong guy” home. He will hold her when her heart is broken by that same “wrong guy”.

He will be happy, so very happy when she tells him how much she loves him…and can I borrow the car? Mom will go through much the same things, but she has more intimate knowledge of growing up female and will sort of know what to expect. I wish them all good luck.


I have a binder of kids DVDs, a couple of spare bags of gum, a lot of candy and I am far more immature than she can ever hope to be. Her mom and dad may not approve, but she already has Poppa wrapped around her little finger, she just doesn’t know it.

I hope year two is a little easier for you and that you master the hand to mouth thing.

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