Sunday 28 June 2015

The Snoring Will Keep You Out

Last Friday the Supreme Court of the United States held that same sex marriage is a right throughout the US.
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I think that’s wonderful. I know that there has been persecution and humiliation for as long as I have been alive and long before that. The church has been against gay marriage for generations and for most of those generations the state has followed the church’s lead.

I don’t understand what the problem was, and I still don’t. I suppose there has been a fear that openly gay people will force themselves on children and other non-gay adults turning them gay in the process. I guess it is kind of like a virulent virus or Vampirism in the eyes of the church. Lord knows that the church’s celibacy policy has never caused any problems that couldn’t be ignored, or swept under the rug. Of course the politicians do what they think the majority of their electorate wants. Well, what they wanted ten or twenty years ago. Thankfully, the majority of political leaders have seen which way the electoral wind is blowing and are firmly and completely behind the gay rights movement. For now.

The WWW has been inundated with praise for the Supreme Court and facebook has an app that lets you superimposed rainbows over pretty much any photo that has been posted for the past week. Everyone “Likes” this decision and indicate their commitment by clicking the “like” button below numerous posts. Well, not the Baptist pastor that has threatened to set himself on fire if the decision isn’t reversed. Most people I know are supportive of his decision and willing to bring smore’s to the party.

Personally, I haven’t changed any pictures to be rainbow hued and probably won’t unless I run for office somewhere. I think I have liked the odd posting if it were funny, cute or could get me in trouble from those that think my not going rainbow is an indication that I am anti-gay. I’m not anti-gay any more than I am anti-heterosexual. I do think that there are married people who should never have gotten married and certain couples would be better off being singles. However, we are all entitled to make our own mistakes and pathetically cling to a failed relationship in spite of good sense.

I don’t understand two men wanting to be in a sexual relationship, but why not? I don’t understand two women wanting to be in a sexual relationship although as a heterosexual male (marginally) that is more interesting, but why not? I don’t understand why anyone in their right mind (male or female) would find me attractive, but I understand some do. Well, I hope some do.

I’d go out with myself. Does the Supreme Court decision support self love?

I do support love in all its manifestations. I don’t care who you are or what you have done in this life; you do deserve to be loved and to love. It matters not one whit what I think or what anyone else thinks, I will stay out of your bedroom if you stay out of mine. Well, the snoring will probably keep you out anyways.

Rainbow Love …ken…

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