Wednesday 10 June 2015

A Few Million Bucks

I have never been one to remember my dreams. I am sure that I do dream but for some inexplicable reason it is rare that they come back to consciousness with me. Well, I should have said that I never used to remember my dreams, since retiring I have become what I consider to be a dream factory. That’s good…right?

Of course the dreams rarely make sense and if they do happen to make sense, they don’t make sense for my life as it is now. They either ask questions without giving an answer or just before the best part of the dream comes, I wake up. Frustrating!

Last night I had a dream that made sense. Finally the world was on track and everything seemed to be as it should be. I won the lottery! How cool is that? Sure it would be cooler if I dreamt the lotto numbers, but I WON THE LOTTERY!!!!

I was ecstatic as you may imagine. Yet, there was a calm about me that comes from planning for something for thirty or forty years and having it finally happen. Happiness, sure, but it was really about time. I told Louise and just sat thinking about how my life was about to change.

I wouldn’t have an excuse to be a tightwad any longer. Being stingy has become kind of my thing. I won’t be able to avoid going to the gym any longer because it is too expensive. I’ll really, really, really feel guilty when I tell some street person that I don’t have any spare change. Those are good things…

I seriously doubt that the lotto win will change my life in any significant manner. More travel I suppose, but I am looking forward to buying the things and tools that I just don’t have room for in this house. Ohhhh…I could have houses in different countries so that where ever I went I would be going home. I would just buy clothes wherever I ended up and when I left I could have them donated to whatever charity needed or wanted them.

What I would like to do is to help people. Not in a big way, just little things that can change attitude rather than lifestyle. The lifestyle change comes after the attitude change. When you feel the world is against you, it is very hard to keep positive.

I remember seeing a young woman load her kids into the car on their way to somewhere. They were just a normal family perhaps going to see the doctor for a regular check-up. As I walked away I heard the car trying to start but it eventually just died. I looked back and the woman unloaded the kids from the car and put the small one in the stroller and set off down the road. The appointment had to be made after all whether the car started or not. I would have liked to either fix that car or given a reliable one.

I don’t know how I would find these deserving people, but I know they are out there.

Dreams don’t always mean what seems to be obvious. Perhaps my dream self is saying that I can make a difference without having a lottery win.

A few million bucks would be nice though… 

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