Tuesday 16 June 2015

A Unique and Wondrous Smell

We just had one of those summer storms pass over the city just a while ago. You know the kind; we had a beautiful summer day with the sun warming friend and foe alike, clouds drawing pictures across the sky all day long. It was just one of those lazy days of summer.
In the early evening the clouds began to look angry and gathered together in dark gangs that began to threaten we lazy inhabitants of earth. In the distance I could hear vague rumblings and in a short time those vague rumblings became loud thunder claps. Buster came into the room and sat at my feet, I can only assume that he thought I would protect him from the unknown. Little does he know that the reason I got a dog in the first place was to protect me.
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The next thing Buster and I knew there was a blinding light followed immediately by the loudest thunder I had heard in a long time. Both Buster and I jumped and I pushed myself back from the computer. Now, I know that in theory you are supposed to turn all electronics off in the house for fear that the lightning will strike and fry those delicate electronics. I suspect that idea has been spread by people who actually have anything worth saving on their computers. The way I figure it, if lightning does strike I get a couple of new computers; a couple of TV’s and quite possibly have the house rewired for my $500 deductible. Pretty sweet deal!
The only time I experienced louder thunder and brighter lightning was about forty years ago when Louise and I were in Louise’s uncle Nick’s farmhouse in the middle of the Saskatchewan prairie. Louise came up to the attic where we were sleeping and woke me up to come downstairs with everyone else that couldn’t sleep. I didn’t have a problem sleeping, but I suppose it’s polite to get up at three in the morning if everyone else is up. We sat in the kitchen eating finger foods and drinking coffee, listening to the thunder and watching the night light up like day for a few seconds at a time. The lightning did actually hit the house and rang the telephone. Pretty cool stuff! Eventually, Louise let me go back to sleep.

After our minor storm tonight, I looked out the window and saw Buster in the backyard looking at the rainbow. Now, I know what you are thinking, “Ken you idiot! Dogs only see in black and white so they couldn’t see the rainbow and all skittles would taste the same to them.” You may be right, but he was looking at the rainbow, I swear it!
It is possible that dogs can smell colour and something as captivating as a rainbow must certainly have a unique and wondrous smell.

Well, that’s what I believe…tonight.

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