Wednesday 8 April 2015

Spring Cleaning

Well, it’s time to undo all of the things I did to prepare the house and yard for winter. What a pain in the ass!

I put plastic on the windows to keep the cold from radiating into the house during those sub-zero days in January and February. This year we didn’t actually have very many sub-zero days and I could have saved myself some effort back in November. Better to be safe than sorry I suppose.

I raked all of the leaves up back in October and bagged them for use this spring, summer and fall in our compost piles. I never did move the bags to the side of the garage like I had intended to, partly due to laziness and partly due to the fact that they froze to the ground and if I were to lift them I would have all of those leaves on the ground once again. Not to mention I would have to use more bags to bag them up. I still might of course, but I plan on luck being with me when they get moved. I had a good long look at the front yard today and it looks as if I didn’t rake at all in the fall. I feel like setting fire to the damned lawn and with any luck those trees that have caused the problem would burn to the ground too. Of course the house would go up in flames as well, but we have pretty good insurance and at this point in time I wouldn’t mind starting over.

I guess I shouldn’t say things like that in the blog just in case the unthinkable happens and I have to explain to my insurance company that I was only kidding…heh…heh…heh…

We desperately need to do some serious spring cleaning this year. I need to toss out a ton of stuff that is clogging the basement, making it virtually unusable.  I can’t say “…but it is good and useful stuff!” anymore. It is crap and most of it hasn’t been looked at in years. I have to be strong! This year I will go through all of those boxes and only keep the really important stuff. No, really!

I have my doubts whether I am strong enough to clean out the garage this year. It is filled to the brim with good and useful stuff. Whenever I even think about getting rid of anything in there, somehow I see uses for the most disgusting piece of rusted metal lining the walls. Who doesn’t need five bicycle carriers that haven’t been used…ever? That large shelf of camping pots and pans which haven’t seen the wilderness in fifteen years should definitely get the old heave ho. I am going to repair that classic bike that has been collecting dust since I rescued it from the garage sale ten years ago. My twenty-five or so camp stoves just need to be cleaned, polished and brought back to pristine condition.

I could get rid of my gardening implements. Nah, I should keep those I suppose. I am going to have to psyche myself up to garage cleaning. Maybe next year…

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