Saturday 11 April 2015

My Inner King

So, I am a sucker for those facebook quizzes that ask a few questions and tell you what career you should follow. No, I don’t believe anyone can tell anything significant about you and your life by asking a couple of silly questions.

Oddly enough, they seems to be pretty accurate a large percentage of the time. Well, anything or anyone that tells me nice things about myself is okay in my books. Very rarely does one of these quizzes tell you that at best you would become the leader of all the morons in the world. I might read that I have a particular talent for picking my nose in public and not being seen. Normally I just get you are a nice person and everyone loves you…except for those that would cheer on someone that ran you over and then encourage him to back up.

These things always want you to publish your results. I suppose that they make money every time it shows up on a facebook post. Good for them! However, if I’m not making money from it they can suck it. If the answer puts me in a good light, I don’t have to lord it over every one of my friends, it is enough to know that I am very cool. On the other hand, if I come out looking like a baboon, why would I post it so that everyone who has always thought I was a jerk now has the proof?

Today I did one of these that purported to tell me what I was in a past life. The way I figure it; in a past life I was more than likely a commoner, serf, slave, indentured servant or pressed sailor in the Royal Navy. So were you by the way. There just weren’t enough famous or important people that every female now living was Joan of Arc and every male Casanova. Sorry!

I filled in the questions (honestly this time) and would you believe it, I was a king in a past life.

You were a King! Your personality reveals that you were a powerful and benevolent King in your past life. You were the stuff that legends are made of, a King that went down in the annals of history for generations! You were well loved and knew no limits to your power and influence. While you once saw the world as a kingdom, you must now adjust your thinking. Meditate on seeing the world as a brotherhood of equals, and your inner King will shine through naturally without sucking up all energy in the room. What do you think about having been a King? Let us know, your majesty!


It’s about time I was recognized. 
These questionnaires always have a button at the bottom so that you can share the answer with you friends, and today I wanted to share more than anything. Guess what? For some reason I can’t share this. I’ve tried several times. I am kind of depressed, but I will let my inner king shine through. 

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