Friday 3 April 2015

In Denial

I have had spots on my pictures for a long time now. I kept cleaning the lenses but the spots still remained no matter what I did. I think Shakespeare’s Lady MacBeth had the same problem. 

Lady Macbeth:
Yet here's a spot.
Hark, she speaks. I will set down what comes from her, to
satisfy my remembrance the more strongly.
Lady Macbeth:
Out, damn'd spot! out, I say!—
It is enough to drive you crazy!
Over a month ago I went online to see if there is a solution to the spot problem. Of course there is a solution to the spot problem, how much do you want to spend. The smart solution is to take your camera in to a qualified camera repair specialist and have it done professionally. The other option is to do it yourself and there is no end of helpful videos on youtube to guide your inexperienced hand. Basically, I would have to get a wand with a cleaning solution impregnated on it and use it to clean your sensor. You know the thing that pretty much everyone and their mother will tell you to stay the hell away from.
So I went to London Drugs camera department to pick up what I needed, but unfortunately, they were charging far too much for my liking. I don’t mind helping out local businesses, but I see no reason why I should do the heavy lifting. I knew that my friends on EBAY would be able to help me for considerably less than the good folks at London Drugs. I found a suitable, inscrutable company located in China that would sell me what I needed and mail it to me for under $6. Done and done!
This was back in the early days of February and I needed it to fix my camera by mid March when I plan on taking vacation pics that are spotless. I checked the shipping deadlines and they said sometime between March 3rd and March 18th the parcel would arrive. Like most companies they were just covering their butts and giving a generous buffer for themselves. I have waited and waited and waited and waited. Today was the 18th and thankfully it came today. Now I can clean the sensor so that I can take great pictures of palm trees and waves. There is the possibility that I will destroy my camera and end up with a very small flower pot.
Well, I did the deed and having taken a couple of pictures it just looks like I may have gotten rid of the spots. I suppose it is possible that I have simply moved them to another location in the camera and will rue the day I decided that “…any moron can clean his camera!”

With any luck I will post a few pictures on this blog during the next couple of weeks from our time in paradise. If you notice a couple of dark spots in the tropical sky at two and three o’clock, keep it to yourself because I will be in denial.

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