Thursday 23 April 2015


Whenever I have to leave home for any length of time, I make a list of the different electronics that I need to bring with me. Laptop, iPad, cell phone (turned off), eReader, various cameras, MP3 player and all of the various cables and chargers that the aforementioned electronics need to function. I also make a list of clothing and other absolutely necessary items that I will bring.
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The list of electronics is important because while I am away from home the list will keep the electronic device I forgot company until I return. I always forget something that needs electricity. This last trip I forgot my eReader which was pretty devastating because I planned a lot of reading time. Thankfully, there were a few shelves of books I could access and I found a new author or two. Still, I should have had the eReader with me for the airport and airplane times. I did have a couple or ten books on my iPad which I somehow managed to bring with me.

I should just pack an hour before bed on the day before I catch the plane. Maybe then I would remember all of the electronics and forget the over abundance of clothing I took just in case Hawaii suffered a freak cold snap. At least if I forgot something I could blame it on last minute packing.

I was watching a show on TV and one of the characters had a “Go bag”. It had everything needed within to get out of the country and manage to survive a few days in a foreign country where ever it may be. I suppose it would have a passport, money, change of clothing, eReader, Laptop, international cell phone, cables, Ninja throwing stars, lock picks, Walther PPK, laser watch and some after shave that women can’t resist. I need a “Go bag”!
I probably could do with a scaled down “go bag”, but the premise is one I can get behind. When Louise says to me that we should go somewhere, it would be so cool to reach behind the sofa and pull out my “Go bag” and say “Let’s go baby!” A plus would be that I could probably just take the bag carry on and not have to check it at all. I’m sure the security people would have problems with the Ninja stuff, laser watch, lock picks and the James Bond gun. I would probably have to leave that stuff at home in a smaller “Go nowhere bag” that I would have to hide whenever Hurricane and Tornado came over.

Speaking of Tornado, it’s his fifth birthday today. We didn’t get to see him but he has been on my mind all day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY little guy! We got you something nice and your birthday card has someone farting on it. Yep, hehehehehehe!
I think I will put together a go bag of sorts for the next time I need to leave home. I have some spare cables and chargers, a spare eReader and I should be able to find a pair of underwear some socks and perhaps some light weigh, fast drying pants and shirts. I just need to make a list of what I will need. Hey, I have a list!

Now…where did I put that list????

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