Sunday 7 September 2014

Oh The Possibilities

This is the last day of summer.

I guess not technically, but for all intents and purposes, summers last day is today. It is a beautiful, warm, sunny day with just enough clouds in the sky to add a little more beauty. There is a slight wind waving the trees back and forth and a smell of summer. In short, it is what I consider a perfect day.

That is all going to change starting some time this evening. The clouds will sneak in under the cover of darkness and rain will begin shortly after. The temperature will drop throughout the night and continue to drop during the day tomorrow. Eventually, the rain showers will turn into a rain/snow mix. The weather guys predict this to last for just a couple of days. I can put up with a little cold rain and possibly a flurry or two; it is September in Alberta after all.

The temperature will rebound late this week and be more summer like. Unfortunately, the leaves will be starting to turn and the nights will be even colder from now on. I have a small garden and it looks like I will have to serve up fried green tomatoes and the rest will need to ripen inside in the dark. They are never as flavourful as vine ripened, but it is the best I can hope for. The carrots and potatoes will be fine in the dirt for another few weeks(?) but we should start making sure our meals have carrot and potato components. I need to check how cucumbers keep, but I suspect I will be eating the few cucumbers that grew in the next couple of days.

Whine, whine, bitch, bitch. I know that I live in Canada and that we are blessed with four seasons, but why does the cold season have to last for so long? It was eight months with snow last year and this year doesn't look too promising. Oh well...

The good news is that autumn is my favourite season. It is the perfect weather for working outside and I have more than a few jobs that are well past needing to be done. I get to wear long pants and flannel shirts again and be quite comfortable. When I have a hot coffee, it will warm my cold fingers and the inner man. A friend of mine likes the fall because his beer doesn't get warm. I have made a few promises to myself about changes I need to make in my life and the fall seems like the perfect time for change. Trees think so.
I have less time ahead of me than behind me, and it is time to embrace what is left of my life.

Too many of the people I know have passed this year. It was their time and who knows when my time will come? I hope to get things ready for whenever my time comes so that I won't have any regrets. I'll do some of the things that might linger after I pass. I might even clean out the garage so that the kids won't have to. The basement needs some attention and as I mentioned so does the yard.

Maybe I will just take it easy again this year. I do need to get out and walk in the cold. Perhaps that will keep the flu away from me this winter. If the lotto smiles on me, then Louise and I can spend the cold months in a warm climate.

Oh, the possibilities...

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  1. Come on Ken it's only some wet snow, not the end of the world you know! Just be glad your not out delivering mail today, now that would suck. B