Tuesday 16 September 2014


I was creeping on facebook a little while ago. I’m not really proud of it but it is much better than peeping into strange windows late at night. Not a lot better, but marginally better.

I have a theory that if you want to learn what a person is like, all you need to do is just look to their friends. The friends reveal their likes, dislikes, preferences in movies; music and their interests stand out by the groups they are members of. If you study a large enough sample of person’s friends, you can deduce what the person is like.

No one tells the truth on facebook, they are hiding things from family, employers and those same “friends” I was just talking about. I almost never tell the truth on facebook and I certainly don’t use it as a forum to air my displeasure with people, politics and society in general. I have a blog for that.

It turns out that although someone might be able to make those deductions, that someone isn’t me. I am just a 21st century Peeping Tom with a curiosity that borders on disturbing. I should be in therapy or digital jail, but I roam the internet like that bird in the Beatles video “Free as a Bird”. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x11t1f_beatles-free-as-a-bird_music Okay, I don’t have a message backwards, forwards or even sideways. Well, perhaps the message might be to strengthen your facebook security.

Well, I kind of got off topic. The thing I wanted to talk about is a book that I found on one of my “surfing” excursions. The person mentioned that although most people (people like me I suppose) have seen the movie “The Princess Bride”, but few have read the book. I decided that was a shortfall that I could do something about. I got myself a copy of “The Princess Bride” by William Goldman and read it. The basic story is the same as the movie, but of course the book gives more background than the movie. If anything, I am looking forward to seeing the movie and bringing my new found knowledge of that world that I picked up from the book.
You know, in my mind that last paragraph was much longer. The information was supposed to fill the entire blog tonight. I don’t know if I have forgotten most of the things I was going to say, or if it just isn’t that interesting. I suspect that I might be the only one to find the book significantly different than the movie and worthy of a mention in a blog.

I did enjoy watching the video “Free as a Bird” and like everything “Beatles”, you can find all of the song references from the song on the internet. 


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