Thursday 18 September 2014

Never Mind…

The other day I read my horoscope and it kind of worried me.

“Something you thought was a permanent part of your world will disappear but there is no need to feel sad. Something better will fill the space.”

I don’t want to lose something that is a part of my world. Permanent or otherwise. Since I read that, I have been thinking about the things in my life I can afford to lose. I will be the first to admit that the garage and the basement are pretty well filled with my stuff. A lot of people call it garbage, but to me everything seems like fine collectibles. I suppose that I could have some of this stuff disappear. I wouldn’t like it, but the promise is that something better will take its place.

I am having a little problem believing that the universe has spent the better part of five or six billion years aligning itself so that Sally Brompton, who does the horoscopes for Metro News, can predict that I will clean out my garage. It is possible that a silly, dilettante of a God could do this, but the Christian God has proven Himself to be an angry, vindictive and cruel.

“Thanks God for thinking about me and my stuff, but I think I can handle it myself. Why don’t you go and see what you can do about the starving children or crushing poverty most of the world lives in. Maybe You can straighten out with the major religions that the God they worship is You and You just want everyone to get along. Perhaps you could send a bishop, an imam and a rabbi over to my place to clean out the garage. Baby steps God…baby steps!”

You know, perhaps Sally was talking about things more esoteric. Perhaps I am going to lose my friends. They are a big part of my life, but quite frankly I have been thinking about getting a friend upgrade. The trouble is, I don’t really socialize much anymore and unless these “new” friends plan on appearing on my doorstep, it probably won’t happen. Tell you what Sally; if you tell Gemini’s, Leos and some Aquarians that they should seek out an older, overweight, bearded Libra, I will get behind losing my old friends. I’m just going to wait until the first of the new friends show up if that’s alright with you.

I guess it might be that I am supposed to do some deep soul searching and become a better person. Whenever I do try to do any soul searching, I generally fall asleep before making any headway. Actually, I am already a pretty good person, well, except for being willing to dump my old friends for no better reason than some starry eyed cat loving new age groupie told me that it may work out better. Hey, maybe I am supposed to do all that soul searching and discover that when all is said and done, my life is just the way the universe intended it to be all of those billions of years ago.

Never mind…

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