Friday 5 September 2014

Drive To School

Today when I was driving past a local school, I was astounded by the number of cars that were dropping kids off. I've noticed this in the past, and to tell you the truth, I don't know if it's a good thing or not.

I suppose you could make the argument that it is a dangerous world out there and driving your kids to school is the safest thing to do. I'm not convinced that the world is more dangerous now than it was five, ten, fifteen or twenty years ago. I believe that the perception that the world is a more dangerous place is far greater now than it ever has been. I have spent considerable time walking in and around neighbourhoods and I can tell you first hand that there just aren't that many scary people on our streets. Well, unless a parent is looking out and sees me wandering around the neighbourhood and thinks that old, bearded, fat guy is a credible threat.

There are scary people in this world without a doubt, but as a general rule they aren't up at 8:00AM and cruising the high schools. Most of the really bad people in the world probably sleep late. Murder, rape, theft and kidnapping don't have any set hours. Well, not that I know about anyways. I suppose they could be time specific, but not every day at the same time. It would be interesting to see a criminals calendar.

Friday..........hang out and get drunk
Saturday......hang out and get drunk
Sunday........Take Mom to church
Monday........Shoplift at the Mall
Tuesday.......hang out and get drunk
Wednesday..Fuck someone up good
Thursday......Collect EI cheque

When you look at the calendar, this guy is pretty good five days out of seven. All we have to do is to be extra vigilant for two days. I can handle that.

I suspect that the real reason that parents are dropping the kids off is that the poor babies slept late and mommy had to drive them so that they wouldn't be late. If I had slept late, my mommy would have driven me too. Right through the wall! I would have to get to school late and interrupt the class that was already in session. There is nothing better than starting the day tired, hungry, nervous, laughed at and with a detention to boot. I tried my best not to sleep in.

When my kids were in school, I was at a parent/teachers meeting where it was suggested that if a student drove a car to school he or she should have to pay $10 a month to park in the school lot. It would teach the kid that everything in life costs and the money could be put to good use by the school. The parents were horrified! Little Johnny just HAD to drive because he lived so far
from the school! That particular little Johnny lived a slow fifteen minute walk from the school. You wouldn't want to take a chance that some murdering, thieving, raping, pimping bad guy might just kidnap Johnny and sell him on the white slave market while he was walking to school.

I know I wouldn't want that responsibility.

No, let the kids drive to work and contribute to society like an adult, paying gas tax and polluting the air we breathe.

The circle of life keeps turning...

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