Saturday 20 September 2014

Life Doesn't Make Sense

I knew that it was only a matter of time until I posted one of my previous blogs. I did it last night and Brian was kind (?) enough to let me know. You would think that it would be a blog from a year or two ago that I had forgotten all about. No, it was from two weeks ago. I had forgotten it, but probably due to a weak mind. Oh well, it is still as relevant today as it was two weeks ago.

The reason I picked a blog from the “never used” file is that I didn’t really want to write what I had been thinking of all day. One of the fellows that I used to work with passed away a couple of days ago. Yes, I am getting to the age when my contemporaries are leaving us, but that doesn’t make it any easier to take. I can’t say that I was a friend of his, but we were friendly and probably could have been friends if our lives hadn’t taken us in different directions.

Donny came from Viet Nam and lived in “interesting” times while he was there. He had to escape by swimming across a river in his underwear. On the way to Canada he lived in several countries and I’m sure he had a few more adventures. You would think I would have found out more information about his fascinating story, me being the “nosey Nellie” that I am. I mean, for me to leave home in the dark and swim across a river in my underwear would take some very serious people with guns trying to kill me. Or, half a bottle of pretty much any liquor.

I have gone years without knowing the story and now all of a sudden I am consumed with knowing what the hell happened. I am pretty sure that at the service tomorrow won’t be the proper time to ask his family and unless they mistake me for a very good friend, I will never see them again. I suppose it is possible there will be a history of Donny posted in the chapel, and maybe there will be pictures of him in wet underwear, but I somehow doubt it. There may be some other friends there that were more curious than I was all of those years ago and managed to ferret out the story. We will see I guess.

Donny was younger than me, well I think he was but I am very bad at guessing the age of Asian people. I see a guy and think he is in his mid fifties and he turns out to be in his late 70’s. I’m actually pretty bad about guessing the age of Caucasian people too. Anyone of African heritage defies any of my attempts to guess their age. Most humans I am pretty bad at in general. Animals and fish all look the same to me whether they are young or old. I can tell if a dog is really old if the muzzle is greying and it is having trouble walking or seeing. A dead give away is if they are incontinent.

There is a viewing of Donnie tonight, but I discussed it with Louise and it was decided that it is best if I go to the service tomorrow. The reason is that at a service there isn’t as much opportunity for me to talk and say something inappropriate or flat out stupid. I probably will, but the less time I am allowed to talk, the better for all concerned. It isn’t that I am not respectful, but I am respectful in my own way which isn’t always the same way others are respectful.

I know, I’ll just speculate on the mysteries of life and why a good person dies before his time. Life doesn’t make sense, and sometimes neither does death.

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