Tuesday 9 September 2014

Everything and Nothing

I’ve been thinking about the big question today. You know, what is life all about? Why are we here? Who am I? Where do I fit into the big picture? What’s the sense of it all?

Last question first. Life doesn’t make any sense at all. It just doesn’t, if it made sense, then you could go and ask some wise man sitting on a mountain top what the meaning of life is and he would be able to tell you. Instead, you get some bullshit answer like “Life is the question and the answer.” They tell you that like it makes any sense at all.

I don’t know why we think that some guy who has been shunned by society and lives in squalor on the top of a mountain would have any answers at all. If there is any sense to life, it would make sense to everyone and we would all be wearing rags, perched on a mountain top. It (life) does not make sense; it never has and probably never will. There are too many variables and no way to control them.

Where do I fit in? On good days, I think I fit in, but more and more I am thinking that I don’t. Would the world be any different if I wasn’t here? Probably not. It is nice to believe in the concept of “It’s a Wonderful Life” but the world just keeps turning in circles and spinning through the universe and there is no one at the helm. I have interacted with lots of people throughout my life, but are those people better off for it? Is the world better off for it? Probably not.

You have to wonder if the world is like a pie. There are far more people that make up the pie now than there has ever been before and consequently each individual has a little less impact on the world as a whole. Gone are the days when a single person can really change anything. Yes, I know that it seems as if they have, but we don’t change and the world doesn’t change. We cure one disease, and another rises up to take its place. Over throw one despotic leader and two more take his place.

I know who I am. Well, at this moment in time I know who I am. If you asked twenty people who know me and know me well, just who is this Ken guy, you would get twenty different answers. None of them would be the who that I think I am. Could I be all of those different people? No, I am me and have been me for as long as I can remember. Those other people see me through their eyes and that changes the view to Susan-Ken, Tommy-Ken, Freddy-Ken, etc.

Why are we here? Go ask the guy on the mountain. He will give you an answer, it will be bullshit, but he will give you an answer to the question. Maybe there is some kind of after life where this stuff is revealed. Maybe it will make sense once I am dead. Isn’t that like shutting the barn door once the horse has bolted? If I get to the after life and hear “The question is the answer and the answer is the question.” I am just going to scream.

I think life is like the Seinfeld show, it’s about nothing. Well, nothing and everything, or is that everything and nothing?

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