Saturday 13 September 2014

No Way For a Friend To Act

There was an interesting post on facebook the other day. I don’t know who sent it to me or who linked it, and to tell you the truth, I can’t find it anywhere. I do know it was  there…really!

The post asked “If facebook wasn’t free, would you still be a member?”

I read maybe fifty comments and the overwhelming response was NO. These posts are intended to make you think, which is kind of odd for facebook and those of us on it. Would I be on it if I had to pay? I don’t think so, but that might be because I can keep in touch with people in other ways for free on the internet. If it were the only way, then maybe I would. Things would have to be a little different and I think the whole tone of facebook would change.

It also depends if you had to pay to contact all of your “friends”. The first five friends are free and every friend after that costs 5¢ for each posting. That would cut down the amount of friends I had. I imagine those jokers with 583 “friends” would be “defriending” pretty quickly.

I just had a guy ask to be my friend and to tell you the truth; I don’t think I know him. Oh, he and I have mutual friends, but I’m not sure that all of those mutual friends are people that I know either. I figure if someone has gone to the trouble to ask to be my friend then who am I to hurt his/her feelings. It is hard enough to work up the nerve to ask someone if they would like to like you, can you imagine the psychic scars a no would leave. It would be especially embarrassing if that someone happened to be me.

He is a guy from high school and most of the time spent there was at best a little foggy. I may have had some classes with him, but I did skip a lot of classes. I may have moved in the same social circles, but back then a social circle was what you sat in when passing a joint. From some of his pictures it looks like he plays the drums. I only remember that June played the drums, and unless she had an operation to remove attractive, it can’t be the same person. I probably know him and we probably spent five years of our lives together…maybe.

Of course I confirmed our new friendship, why wouldn’t I. It is free and how often in life does a person express a desire to be friends with you, if you aren’t a good looking, large breasted woman. I am developing largish breasts, but I doubt that is what spurred on the request. More than likely he saw that we have friends in common and although he doesn’t remember me, he must have known me, but things were a little foggy for him back in the day as well.

The first thing I do after accepting a friend request is to stress that I won’t be bothered if they come to their senses in a week or two and choose to either block me or outright de-friend me. Maybe that would bother me, it sounds so…so…so…unfriendly.

Maybe if they start to charge by the friend, I will be “let go” by more than one person. I’m not that witty and I won’t be winning any beauty contests in the near future. My posts border on the stupid and sometimes I say what I am actually thinking, and that is no way for a friend to act.

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