Tuesday 22 April 2014

Rain and Roads

We were supposed to get a good long rain tonight, but now it appears that it will skirt around Calgary and dump most of the rain in and around Edmonton. I’ll be the first to agree that Edmonton needs a good cleaning, but we could use some here as well.

Nothing says springtime like a lot of rain. It cleans the dust of winter off of pretty much everything and leaves that springtime fresh scent. It also is pretty good for all kinds of growing things which make the farmers happy. Well, as happy as farmers get between bouts of complaining. They want the rain, but not until they have seeded and not too much or it will wash away the seeds. Of course you need a good, long, steady rain, but not so long that the seeds don’t get enough sun. It just goes on and on, but since I am kind of attached to eating on a regular basis, I put up with the complaining.

I believe that our civic government should have programs in place to hire the emotionally and intellectually challenged, but why do they always seem to end up in the roads department? They have no idea how to remove snow from the roads, and because they over spent on snow removal, they are going to scrimp on the street cleaning budget. We have already had a motorcycle death that is attributed to the excess gravel on the roads. I ride a bicycle and there is so much gravel at the side of the road, you have to ride further out into the traffic lane than is good for your health.

Why does it seem that there is plenty of money for things that are unnecessary in this city, but why does the civic government decides to make cuts to the road budget? To be fair, this city is still reeling from the flood of last June. They are pretty concerned that we will have a repeat of last year due to a huge snow pack in the mountains and if the rains come like they did last year…

You would think that a flood would at least wash the streets clean, but instead it just dumps tons and tons of mud every where. We are all praying that the waters don’t rise and there is plenty of moisture and sun for the farmers. If possible, it would be nice if the streets I ride on would be swept clear of gravel sometime before the Stampede.

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