Saturday 12 April 2014


Well, we are on our way to Vegas and so far the drive hasn't been too bad. Sure there was snow and blowing snow for three quarters of the trip, but that just makes things interesting. Right?

The whole week has been just perfect weather for travel and the day we have to leave, the weather just gets a little ugly. Lucky for us the roads were in really good condition, mainly wet with some slush and the odd place you only had one lane to drive in. I tend to meander while I am driving which kind of makes Louise nervous. I don't know why she worries, I haven't made her dead yet.

When we got to the US border, and I was a little confused as to where I should stop. It turns out that the STOP sign would have been the best place, not half way between it and the surly, miserable, petty, power crazed customs guy. He asked me why I didn't stop at the sign and I just babbled something incoherent. I knew right away that it wouldn't do to get into any kind of discussion with this prick. I guess he eventually decided that Louise and I posed no immediate threat to the health and welfare of the USA, but I am sure they are keeping eyes on us.

Travel is a funny thing for me, I don't do a lot, but I tend to go on and on about whatever trips I have taken. I suppose those trips are my reference points and the way that I relate to new and interesting places. All day I would be driving by a rock formation and say to Louise that it kind of looks like just when you drive into Banff. Sometimes it looked like you were leaving the mountains near Banff and heading to Calgary. This place kind of looked like the Niagara Escarpment. It isn't surprising that things looked like what I am used to, we really hadn't gone that far, geologically speaking.

I know that if I ever travel to Mars, I will be looking out from my helmet and say, "Hey, that kind of looks like the Diamondhead crater on Oahu. Over there I would swear it's like Mt. Rundle. Well, if you squint and shake your head back and forth." The next thing I would be saying is, "Hey guys! You took off without me...guys...guys...guys..." 

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