Wednesday 9 April 2014

Carrot Top

Louise and I will be taking a short vacation next week in Las Vegas. We have been there before and are looking forward to enjoying the surreal aspect of the place. The weather is going to be much warmer than it is here and I plan to spend at least part of every day in the pool. Well, that’s the plan, but who knows what will actually happen?

We have flown down before, but this time we are going to drive. It is pretty straight forward and I have always enjoyed driving in the USA. The Interstate system of highways is well thought out and well maintained. At least it was the last time I was on one. The drive should take about 19 hours and if everything goes according to plan, we will spend the first night in Idaho Falls. If things don’t go according to plan, we will still stay in Idaho Falls, but we will arrive later and more tired.
We have booked seats to see Sir Elton John and it should be pretty cool. Generally when I go to a place like Las Vegas I imagine what it would be like to run into someone famous. I picture us just sitting around a pool or having coffee, laughing and talking like normal people. Being normal would be hard for the famous person, but for me it would just be normal.
You would think that the famous guy I would fantasize about hanging out with would be Elton and his partner David. I mean we are paying money to see him and that would be a pretty good ice breaker. “Hey Elton, good show. Not as good as when you played Maple Leaf Gardens in 1972, but you were younger then and I was much more stoned.” I don’t know what we would talk about after that, but he isn’t the guy I am thinking about anyways.
Strangely enough, the person I would most like to meet in Vegas is Carrot Top. I know that he is more than a little off the wall and seems to have a steroid abuse problem, but there is something about him that intrigues me. Perhaps it’s because he spends a lot of time in second hand stores like I do. I like to imagine who owned the items that end up there and wonder why they decided that now was a good time to get rid of them. Carrot Top goes to second hand stores to find ideas and props for his show.
One of these days I will actually go to one of his shows, but not this trip. Well, unless we become friends and he comps us a couple of tickets. Just as long as it doesn’t conflict with the Elton John show. Maybe after the show he will take us to his place in his Hummer for a late night dinner. Maybe we will go to some bar and get a quiet table and shoot the shit for a while. Maybe there is a late night second hand store or maybe they open the store up just for him and we get to see some cool Las Vegas stuff.

The reality is that I will be too tired after the show and will just want to go back to our hotel room to watch some news and maybe some of a late night talk show. Too bad, I think Carrot Top and I would be like minded on a lot of issues. 

Not steroid use, that’s just stupid.

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