Sunday 13 April 2014

It is Las Vegas

The best adventure stories don’t begin with an armoured hero on a white steed waving a broad sword, charging blindly forward to do battle against evil. That might happen at some point during the story, but often that brave knight ends up dead on the ground or in the jaws of a dragon.

The best adventure stories always begins with a very reluctant hero who wants only to be left alone, comfortably ensconced at home surrounded by the things he loves and dull, boring routine. Someone or something will show up and disturb our heroes quiet life, and before you know it he is running off God knows where, to do God knows what, without having made any preparations and no plan.

I’m excited already, aren’t you?

This adventure started out with an innocuous comment made during a commercial break while watching Castle. She said “Easter is coming up and I have a couple of vacation days coming to me. We should do something.”

I muttered that I was never fond of Easter, the Tuesday after it was the worst day of the year for delivering mail when I was a mailman. I then went back to trying to solve my Suduko puzzle. Normally I don’t have too much trouble with the medium hard ones, but tonight the numbers don’t seem to fit.

“I know! Why don’t we go to Vegas?” Louise said it with that tone all husbands know to mean it’s time for you to listen to me. I looked up and put a thoughtful expression on my face as if I were actually considering the possibility. I nodded my head up and down. I was pretty sure that the commercial would end before this conversation was over.

“I don’t know, the weather is finally getting nice here. I do love Las Vegas, I wonder if there are any deals?” I guess this trip could be a go. There are always deals to be had in Vegas, but even the best price costs more than staying at home. It was becoming apparent that staying at home was no longer an option.

“You know, if we were to drive, we could save a few bucks, see some of the world that we haven’t seen before and an added bonus would be that we could have transportation while we were there.” It took just a moment or two to discover the drive would be about nineteen hours. Hell, with waiting at the airport and a longish stop over the flight would take us fourteen hours start to finish. Driving would also be kind of a test run for when Louise retires next year, to see if it is a viable way for us to travel.

Before you could say “Papa needs a new pair of shoes.” We had booked a room at the Treasure Island Hotel in Vegas and one in Idaho Falls for an overnight stay on the way down. Should be a fun time, now I need to pack and locate all of those electronic cables that are so important to me.

I hope not to run into Orcs, Wizards, Elves, Dwarves, Scarecrows or Dragons, because I am definitely not prepared to do battle, but you never know…it is Las Vegas after all!

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