Tuesday 8 April 2014

One of You Did Piss Me Off

I have been something of a recluse for most of the winter, and now that spring has finally arrived, I am like one of the tulip bulbs that the squirrels have buried in my garden, and I am cautiously sticking my nose up out of the dirt.

I did manage to get outside during the winter, but it was a challenge every time and I would have been just as happy to have stayed in for however long was necessary. I figured that if Louise could drag herself out of bed and go to work, then I should be able to try and match her effort. The weather has changed and is not likely to get very ugly any more until next October or November, but by then I will have topped up my vitamin D reserves and be ready to embrace the winter cold.

I had a phone call today from a friend that I haven’t seen very much of over the winter and I met her for coffee this morning. We caught up on how the grandkids have been doing and the health of each others family. We used to meet for coffee at least once a week, but as I mentioned, I pretty much hibernated for the past few months. Ollie loves the winter as much now as I once did, and will often go for long walks in sub zero weather. I should do the same, but I guess I just don’t have the mind set.

At one point during our visit, Ollie asked if she had said something that offended me that kept me from meeting her for coffee during the past while. The funny thing about that is that I had thought I said something to offend her. I don’t often set the filter between brain and mouth, so pretty much anything can come out. I just smiled at her and told her that she always says things that offend me, but that’s her charm. We laughed about each other thinking the same thing and promised to keep in touch on a more or less regular basis.

I’m sure that I have lost friends or at least alienated them over the years and not even been aware of the loss. I don’t call people not out of anger or disappointment in their behaviour, but because it just slips my mind. I assume that they are just like me and that we will eventually get together and carry on as if no time has passed. I guess I should spend more time keeping in touch with my friends because they and I are aging and there is a possibility that we might never meet again standing on planet Earth.

I promise to keep in touch Don, Brian, Mike, Rob, Linda, June, Steve, Rob. Shelia, Damian, Al, Sophia, Jason, Ken, Ruth, Carol, Mark, Norma, Cathy, Mars, Linda, Jennie, Dave, Ev, Jack, Andy, Patrick, Karen, John, John, Jim, Rick, Shirley, Sharon, Kathy, Adam, Laura, Annik, Theresa, Debbie, Shirley, Nancy, Bill, Noelle, Jeannie, Lauren, Terry, Andy, Rose, Drew, Janice, Ryan, Janice, Cyndie, Peter, and Alex.

Okay, that’s going to take me forever, and I’m sure that I have missed more friends than I listed. Maybe it would be easier if they all could just read this blog. No, that won’t work, a good many of these people have standards.

Well, I guess it’s up to me to get the ball rolling. Most people are like me, they are very happy to hear from someone and once the communication is set up it is far easier to respond.

I just want everyone to know that you didn’t do anything or say anything, and I will get around to you just as soon as I can.

Well, one of you did piss me off and you know who you are… 

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