Wednesday 2 April 2014


Many years ago I took a course that attempted to teach me how to control aspects of my mind. I have forgotten most of what I learned, and some of the stuff I just couldn’t buy into at the time. They were into group hugs and I wasn’t. Most of my problem with the program was the same as I have with organized religion.


What is the end game? I suspect now as I did at the time that if I needed to know the why, then I wasn’t ready to understand the game. I can live with that I suppose, not all of us are ready to move on to the next plane of existence and I’m certainly not ready to answer to a higher being for my earthly transgressions. I’m going to put a lot of this consciousness expanding stuff on the back burner.

There are a few things I took away with me, but I’m confident that I have slightly altered the concepts over the years to fit a rationalizing person, not a rational person. One thing that we were taught is a kind of mental healing. There was a lot of stuff about channelling charka energies, making use of auras and rational control of illness. The think that stuck with me for all of these years is how to deal with head aches.

I suppose it works with all kinds of pain, but I use it with headaches. I should state here that I have never had a migraine, so I really don’t know the level of pain that a migraine can bring. I’m talking about your garden variety headache caused by kids or some kind of climate pressure change. I remember at the time thinking that it was a bunch of hokum, but it has worked for me, not every time, but enough that I continue to use it. Often it is better with someone else asking the questions, but people with throbbing heads are less than fun to be around, so you should learn to do it yourself.

The basic premise is to describe the headache in great detail. How long is the headache? How wide? How deep? What colour is it? What does it smell like? What does it taste like? What does it feel like? These questions are there to define the headache precisely. The idea is that most the headache pain is remembered pain. You remember how much it hurt the last time, and subconsciously the new pain is added to the old pain. You go through these questions several times and after a while you see the headache for the size that it really is.

The next thing you can do is to ask yourself to visualize drilling a hole in the headache. Once the hole is drilled, you need to determine what colour would you pour in the hole to counteract the pain, and then you pour it in. You can ask yourself what kind of light do you need to burn it away. You can make up things like this to suit your needs, but it’s best to write them down when you don’t have a headache. Try it; it just might work for you.

I’m going to try it on a pain I have been having lately.

“How big is winter?” Really big!
“What colour is winter?” White!
“How deep is winter?” Too fucking deep!
“What does it smell like?” Cold!
“What does it taste like?” Cold!
“What does it feel like?” Cold!!!!!!

I’m hoping that I will be able to shrink it down to a manageable size in the next month or two.

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