Sunday 27 April 2014

I Don’t Like My Blog

I just took one of those Facebook quizzes about how many of the thirteen best Canadian movies I have seen. I had seen two of them and didn’t like one at all. I don’t generally like artistic things Canadian, I know that I should, but I just don’t. 

I shouldn’t say that I dislike all things artistically Canadian, I do enjoy a lot of the mainstream music. Basically top forty or “popular” music that is entertaining and not very deep. I think I have liked two of Leonard Cohen’s songs/poems, but those were the ones that were most unlike a Leonard Cohen song.

I can’t say that I like Canadian writing, it just seems far too pretentious to me. It’s almost like our authors are trying to be something they aren’t. They are of course, which makes it worse for me. They spend an inordinate amount of time describing how the sun comes up or sets and if what they describe is the way the sun works, no one would bother to watch another sunrise or sun set. Well, I wouldn’t! If the descriptions didn’t stop the flow of the narrative, then all would be right in Kenland, but it’s like our Canadian scribes are looking for ways to make the reader skim through the boring parts.

Unfortunately, most Canadian movies are written by Canadians. If they aren’t written by Canadians, they are written by foreigners that the pretentious Canadians admire. I think the only Canadian movies I have liked are by ex-pat Canadians living and working in the US. Maybe if our arts community strove for universal appeal, they would not only be successful (financially), but they would also have my stamp of approval.

I know no one gives a shit what I think and there is a very good possibility that I am wrong six ways to the middle. All I know is what I like and for the most part, I don’t like Canadian.

If I don’t like Canadian writers, then the chances are that I don’t like my blog at all. That might be why it isn’t very popular…

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