Wednesday 3 October 2012

Who You Do It With

Have you ever felt that you are just on the verge of doing something important?
I feel that way fairly often, but so far nothing of great import has happened to me. I haven’t invented that vehicle that will run indefinitely without using any fossil fuel at all. I know how it will work and how to generate the power, but between good TV and coffee breaks I just can’t seem to get around to it. It is a really very simple idea and there is a good chance that someone else has attempted this before and it either didn’t work or he/she was killed by the oil and gas companies. Maybe I will get around to it next week if I find the time.

I wonder just how many wonderful and innovative ideas haven’t been developed because the person thinking those ideas was either too lazy to pursue the idea to conclusion or had more important things to do? From what I have read and heard, it isn’t that easy to be on the cutting edge of anything. Who would want to put up with all of that bullshit for a little money and fame? I have all that I need now; it is just the wants that I am pursuing. Like I say, maybe I will get around to it next week and maybe not, I guess it depends on the weather.
I do have a few ideas for books, but I am not entirely sure that anyone but my family and I would ever read them. Truthfully, I don’t think many of the family would read them either. A friend of mine just had her book published and it seems like a very involved process from the writing to the launch of the book. I have heard her reading an excerpt on the radio and it sounds like a quite an interesting story. Now, I suppose she will be wondering just how well it will be received and if all of the blood, sweat and tears were worth it. I hope so, because it is kind of inspiring when someone that you know achieves a dream. Good luck Ruth!
 Photo: Tonight is the first of two Seraphim Editions fall launches. Thrilled to be one of the authors at Dr. John Perkins Centre, 1429 Main Street E, Hamilton. 7 p.m. Joining Sarah Sheard, David Matas and Dr. Torsten Trey, Nina Berkhout, Bernadette Rule, and Chris Laing in celebrating the release of our books.

Tomorrow at 2 pm, we do it all again at 23 Prince Arthur Ave at the Women's Art Association in Toronto. A weekend of book launches -- hooray!!

Did I mention I was thrilled?
Sitting here and writing about “important” things, it kind of makes me think that the really important things that I could have done in life, I have already done. I managed to grow into an adult without bringing too much shame on the family. I made some very good friends along the way that seem to like me as much as I like them. Perhaps I have brought some joy into their lives. Louise and I have managed to raise three of the nicest, kindest and giving people in spite of my shortcomings. One of them is in the process of raising two bundles of pure joy. I hope to continue to influence people to be better than they are and of course I hope to become a better human as well. I am absolutely a work in progress.

I guess it isn’t so much what you do in life that makes you great, but how you do it and who you do it with. 

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