Monday 1 October 2012

Do Something Yourself

We humans are funny creatures. Not funny in the traditional sense, but funny in the sense that we feel that people who have a talent or ability should not only entertain us, but also take our suggestions.

When I was in high school, I had quite a few friends that were very good guitarists. Well, I thought they actually performed magic when they picked up the guitars and somehow made those random pieces of wood; steel and lacquer do their bidding. Not only could I listen to them for hours, I actually did listen to them for hours. I don’t know why I didn’t try to learn from them, but I didn’t. My loss I suppose. These were such nice people, that they would actually take suggestions as to what we would like to hear and proceed to get their tuning straight so that they could play their very best. Asshole that I am, I would kid them about how long it took to tune and wouldn’t it be nice if they actually played a song all the way through. I still say that and I don’t think I have gotten a reaction in years.

Why do we feel that we have the right to make suggestions at all? You don’t tell your dentist or surgeon that you would like to see them do a different procedure because you are bored with what they are doing. I used to do retirement carvings for my friends at the Post Office that were severing the cord. Invariably, someone or several someone’s would make suggestions about what I should have done. I’m not saying the suggestions were wrong, but at least I did a carving, even if it was missing something. I guess if I had asked beforehand I might have gotten the suggestions then, but in my mind that would have derailed the creative process.

It is the same with this blog. I don’t get too many suggestions about content, but every now and then someone will suggest a topic. There is some dickhead in the Ukraine or Russia that thinks I should focus on penile enhancements or Viagra. Normally I will look thoughtful, smile and then say “Hmmmm…that could work.” There isn’t much chance I will do it, but you never know. I think some people think that I actually put some thought into the blog, but any regular reader knows that just isn’t so.

Today, someone suggested that I should write a blog about his tire predicament. It seems that his tires have 80% of tread left and for some reason one can’t be used anymore. The tire people at Costco (where the tires came from) can’t sell him a replacement tire because they don’t carry that brand anymore. So, basically he is stuck having to buy four new tires. That sucks pretty much big time! These companies have you by the short and curlies and there is nothing you can do about it. There is a company called Sleep Country and their President and spokesperson is Christine McGee. They say in their commercials that if you can find a better price for a mattress you will get a discount…get it free…get a matching price…etc. The catch is that they order from the manufacturer and are the only company that carries that particular brand and model so no one else could possible match their price. Now, is this sleezy, skeezy business practice or just good business sense?

To my friend with the tire problem, I think you are screwed and stuck with three perfectly good tires that you will be storing until you find a match on  Kijiji. Thanks for the blog suggestion and I will continue to suggest songs for my friends, but what I really suggest is that you get out there and do something yourself.

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