Friday 5 October 2012

I Can Hardly Wait

I was sitting in the sunshine today wondering where our messiah has gotten to.

It isn't as if we had Him and now He’s lost, or even that He has run away and can't find His way back. I just think that for some reason known only to the All Knowing, our Messiah hasn’t been delivered yet.

Maybe He has come and so far no one has taken any notice of the fact. There are a lot of people in the world, a lot more than at any other time He came, so I suppose that it is possible He has become lost in the crowd. We have much better communications these days, and there is so much information, a person could stand on a mountain top shouting out “ I HAVE BEEN SENT BY GOD TO CLEANSE THE ILLS OF THE WORLD AND BRING THE FAITHFUL TO HEAVEN!” No one would pay any attention. I know this, because I have stood on a mountain top (a very small mountain) and shouted out something similar and there was only a Marmot to bear witness.
It might be that I have more than a little fame in the Marmot community and they are fighting wars for the glory of my name, hoping to be the one true belief that has a lock on the ground squirrel heaven. I have brought food to the hungry, but that was more the fact that I am a messy eater rather than a godlike desire to feed the starving rodents. Technically I have spared the life of one of these animals. Well, actually I narrowly missed it when I tossed a rock at its head to drive it off. Maybe that rock is now a holy relic and is the alter stone of an underground Marmot cathedral. You just never know the effect that you will have.

If you look back through history, there have been Messiahs about every hundred years or so. Some were much more successful than others, but I think that has more to do with how committed the followers are than the holiness of the messiah. Most messiahs seem to appear at these more or less regular intervals to say “Get you shit together! Try not to kill each other! Live and love, love and live. Improve yourself and improve the world around you.” They try to pass on these simple bits of knowledge and continue to preach until some one or some group kills them. Maybe that’s why our Messiah is reluctant to show his face, He might have an aversion to getting horribly murdered. These beings really have no need to be on this plane of existence, they are here for our benefit.

Personally, I don't think our Messiah has arrived yet. I think we will know when He does arrive though; there will be some crisis that brings the world to the brink and that is when He will hold up his hands to the heavens and say “JUST BACK THE FUCK OFF! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? MONEY AND POWER AREN'T THE ANSWERS; THEY ARE JUST A WAY TO KEEP SCORE.” Probably He won’t use those exact words but something along those lines. We will all have our cell phones out and take pictures and tweet about it. The news will spread like wild fire on the different social media sites. We will all know that He is here and He has come to save us. It will be like heaven on earth.

Well, until we kill Him of course. I can hardly wait.

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