Saturday 20 October 2012

It Was Free

This is going to be a short quick one, because I spent most of the night watching television.

I think that I mentioned that we switched to Shaw phone service and so far so good. The indicator that it is good is that there is no discernable difference between the new service and the old service. That isn’t entirely true; as we have call display now which we didn’t have before and I must say it is kind of fun to know who is on the line before you answer. Kind of like being a psychic I guess, only just for phone calls and not imminent death or dismemberment, talking to the recently departed and being able to find water with a willow branch. Sure, the last one isn’t really being psychic, it is actually useful.

Anyways, the day we had our service switched, there was a glitch and when I called to say that instead of getting all of the channels we were only receiving basic cable. Basic cable? I think that is what the starving people in Africa, India and California have to live with. I felt that I had somehow been hurled back in time to a place that had antennas on every house. We only had seven channels and none of them with anything worth watching on them. I’ve become used to having a hundred channels and having nothing worth watching on them. Of course I called the cable company and the guy I talked to was extremely sympathetic and couldn’t fix the problem fast enough.

That was great, but if he could fix the problem with a push of a computer key then why did I have to wait around all morning for the guy to come to my house? Is the cable company casing houses and selling the information to other criminal interests? Perhaps the cable company is actually the Mr. Big of crime in our modern world. They control all of the computers and most of our entertainment so that everything that we use the computer for could be recorded and we only get to watch the TV that they want us to watch. How else could you explain “Honey Boo-Boo” and “Survivor” being on for so long?

That is something for another blog, but what I am talking about tonight is that because I had to call and complain, they gave me a free movie. That’s like someone telling you that they will give you a free smile. It’s nice of course but it doesn’t really cost anything or in reality it isn’t worth anything at all. So, big deal!

Tonight we watched our free movie “Sherlock Holmes something about shadows”. I don’t think it was as good as the first movie with Jude Law and Iron Man, and if they had hired a writer it would really have improved the plot. I like the explosions and the action scenes, but personally I was cheering for Moriarty. Louise and I are big Sherlock Holmes fans, the original one found in books written by Conan Doyle, and this was nothing like any of the books. It was nothing like any of the TV shows or made for TV movies that have featured Sherlock for half a century now. It wasn’t even as good as the new TV show “Elementary” staring Lucy Liu (?) which should really be quite embarrassing.

Oh well, it was free and it is true, you do get what you pay for.

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