Friday 26 October 2012

The Full Monty

The job that I have been doing for the past few weeks involves a lot of waiting time. I spend it mainly talking to the others workers that are killing time waiting to work. You can imagine that pretty much everything of interest has been discussed over and over again.

I will often walk up to someone and say “You look like an interesting person, what’s your story?”

This is generally followed by a dumbfounded silence and then we will have a nice chat where we talk about life, love and what a waste of time waiting around here is. Of course I do a lot of eavesdropping. There isn’t very much really good dirt to pick up because either these are just boring people or not being close friends; they aren’t prepared to open up. One of the conversations that I overheard was when someone asked what that Tom Jones song about the “hat” was. No one seemed to know, so I had to blow my cover and tell them it was “You Can Leave Your Hat On”.

I started to think about the song and the movie that I remember it from, “The Full Monty”. I really enjoyed that film and it was done very well on a relatively small budget of 3.5 million. Once all was said and done, the movie earned over $250,000,000, received four academy award nominations and one the Oscar for the best Original Score. It is one of those “anything is possible” movies, but there are some uncomfortable moments in it. My favourite scene is when two of the lead characters find themselves trapped on the roof of a car in the middle of a canal when a guy walks by with his dog. The guy asks if they need help and they just tell him that everything is fine. How the hell is that fine?

Later on in the day, I was in the library and saw “The Full Monty” DVD, seemingly jumping out at me from the shelf. Of course I took it out and I will watch it this weekend or early next week.

I believe that things happen for a reason. Mostly! I suspect that there is something that the cosmos wants me to learn from this particular movie or the experience of finding the movie. I’m hoping that it doesn’t involve disrobing in front of a crowd of screaming women, which would be humiliating. I don’t even like to seem myself undressed in the mirror. I don’t know what the all powerful being in the sky has in mind, but unless it involves winning $50,000,000, stripping nude, pouring honey all over my body and rolling in one hundred dollar bills, I plan to not only keep my hat on, but the rest of my clothes as well.

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