Thursday 27 April 2017

You Make The Cut

Louise and I were sitting and enjoying our shave ice and I was watching the line that we had just made it through. I was looking at the people and wondering just what their stories were. Most of them, I would venture all of them were just like us, tourists getting a cool something to take the edge off of the heat. In that way we are all pretty shrewd and savvy.

There were families with kids, young couples that could have been on their honeymoons, old farts like us, singles with a sweet tooth and an assortment of others who defy description. Most were in Hawaii casual, a bathing suit or shorts and of some sort and a Hawaiian t-shirt that says something like "I Love Maui". There were some in formal Hawaiian style, a shower and a bathing suit or shorts and of some sort and a Hawaiian t-shirt that says something like "I Love Maui". One woman from New Hampshire was wearing pants, a top and a denim jacket. Crazy woman!

As I was waiting until the brain freeze receded enough to take another spoonful of my POG (passion fruit, orange and guava) I began to wonder just how many of the people at Ulanni's in line or at the tables, I would like to see naked. There were about forty people there and I judged three of them would look good naked. It is pretty subjective, but my taste! Of the three, one had that bubbly personality that is just nice to be around, naked or otherwise. The third person was attractive enough, but appeared to have a miserable outlook on life. I'm sure that she is a nice person, and may have just taken a bite of lemon, who knows. She is still out of the running as someone I would like to see naked. Candidate number two could go either way, it was impossible to guess.

So, there was either two or one out of forty that would look good naked. Well, that I thought looked good naked anyways. If you extrapolate that number to the population of the world, there would be 1,750,000,000 good looking naked people.

You should be proud of yourself, you make the cut.

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