Thursday 13 April 2017


You would think that nothing could make being in paradise better than it is. So did I until this morning when I found that it snowed this morning in my home town. I am sure it wasn't a large amount of snow and it will more than likely melt by the end of the day, BUT IT SNOWED!!!

I thought about snow and my buddy clearing it away from my walk as I walked down the beach having the waves lap around my ankles. Paradise became just a trifle better.

I wished this woman on the beach a good morning as she walked past me. Soon she walked by me going the other way and we had a little longer conversation. She asked me if I had gone swimming and I told her that I was just in up to my calves. As she walked away I thought to myself that taking a morning dip was more than a good idea, it was a wonderful idea. I stripped off my shirt, hat, and wrapped my camera up in the shirt. Before you know it I was doing a very weak breast stroke in the ocean. Very refreshing!

Luckily for me, my model came drip dry so it was a matter of walking down the beach in the sunshine, letting nature do what it does best. Wouldn't you know it, the same woman came back my way. I stopped her and gave her a report on ocean and swimming in it in particular. We talked about this and that a little longer. I am hesitant to mention politics on this trip because people are either against Trump and all that he stands for or they are nuckin' futs. 

My beach walking friend asked me if I had heard what "that ASSHOLE" had done. I said I was taking a break from the world of news while I am here. It turns out "that ASSHOLE" has dropped a gigantic bomb on Afghanistan. She is close to my age and remembers what happened when the US got involved in Vietnam with the draft. We both just shook our heads and silently hoped for the best. I wished her a wonderful day and I hope to have her pass me multiple times tomorrow.

The interesting aspect is that she just refereed to the President of the United States as "that ASSHOLE" and I knew automatically who she meant. 

All hail TAPOTUS!    

Soon to declare himself Donald, Emperor of the world, solar system and quite possibly the Galaxy.  

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