Tuesday 2 May 2017

Bring Socks

Okay, so it has been almost a week since the last blog. I am suffering from withdrawal from paradise. I miss that mellow cup of coffee the first thing every morning followed by a walk down the beach and back to another cup of coffee. Then maybe I would write the blog or perhaps a swim in the ocean and a walk along the beach to dry off. The rest of the day just flowed from there.

The weather here is pretty nice although so far there has been no need to turn on the A/C in the car. I have been unpacking and going over the vacation, wondering why I brought all of those pairs of socks with me. I suspect that I like to be prepared for the just-in-cases. Like if Hawaii were to all of a sudden get cold temperatures for the first time in ever. Maybe if I needed to put on my shoes to kick something for some reason then socks would be needed. Perhaps if I had to gag someone. I could fill a sock with sand and smack someone over the head with it. We all know people that could benefit by getting smacked in the side of the head with a sock full of sand. Well, I do.

It has been easy slipping back into my life. Too easy! I kind of wish that I could slowly work my way back by spending a month or so in Mexico or the Caribbean and then perhaps Florida, Vegas and finally home. That is not to be as we have a wedding in Toronto at the end of the month. My baby is getting married to a wonderful man and they are going to honeymoon in Oahu. It’s kind of like a vacation by proxy…kind of.

I am not sure which is better, seeing something for the first time or seeing it through someone else’s eyes for the first time. Both have merit, but the second has the added benefit that you have returned. I envy them visiting paradise so early in their lives, they will have many opportunities to return if they so desire. I just pray they enjoy themselves. I couldn’t bear it if they found it not to their liking. But, who doesn’t like paradise?

So, we need to get everything ready for our trip to Toronto in a week and a half. I must remember the things I am bringing for Maegan and Ryan. I must remember to be on my best behaviour. I must remember to bring the father-of-the-bride speech. I must remember to smile when people say stupid things. I must remember not to say stupid things (no chance there). I must remember to bring socks! I am not cool enough to wear dress shoes without socks.

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