Saturday 15 April 2017

Candy and Rides

I hope  that everyone has managed to have a wonderful Good Friday. 

Well, I don't suppose that Jesus had a great time, but he did have an agenda for saving mankind which probably gave him solace while he was nailed to the cross. 

Personally, Good Friday was never a big deal in our house. Growing up the only real meaning that it had was that I had days off from school. Our family was Anglican and our trips to church happened on Easter Sunday and at Christmas. On each holiday we as kids would be able to eat as much candy as could be stuffed in our mouths. This must have been a time when dentists didn't charge very much and parents were more tolerant of a church full of kids on sugar highs.

Good Friday was nothing! No candy! I vaguely remember that mom would be cleaning the house in preparations for the big Sunday dinner with family. My memory has faded over the years and if there was some family thing that we did, I have long ago forgotten what it was.

When we raised our family, we stuck pretty much to that same tradition of doing as little as possible. there were a few years when we were regular attendees to church and became obligated to attend more than one service in the week. We took the kids to church in the hopes that they would have a solid base knowledge when they eventually rejected organized religion. Any knowledge is a good thing and knowledge that enables you to intelligently tell those door knocking JW's you reject their beliefs, is even better knowledge.

I can get behind a kindly old elf dressed in red who slides down chimneys to give good boys and girls gifts. A fairy that leaves cold, hard cash for teeth stretches my imagination. It doesn't make good financial sense. What I have real trouble with is a large rabbit that traipses around the country hiding chocolate eggs and jelly beans. Where does he get all of those eggs from? He doesn't have thousands of elves making them for him. Why would the chocolate chickens freely give up their eggs? Why wouldn't the chickens had out the candy and get. Some much needed positive press. What do eggs and jelly beans have to do with the death of a messiah?

No, I just can't rationally get behind the Easter Bunny. However, he does give out chocolate and that certainly helps to suspend belief somewhat.

What the hell. Just so long as I get candy the bunny can do what he wants. I'm just thankful he hops around the place. He could have driven up to playgrounds in an unmarked white van offering candy and rides to the kids.

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