Saturday 22 April 2017

Trump's Shit

The world's population has approximately 7 billion people give or take a few hundred million. We all love our families, except for that weird aunt that insists on pinching your cheeks well into adulthood. We all have to work at various jobs, some better paid than others, some more satisfying than others and some are just employment stops on the way to the future. I spent over thirty years at an employment stop, you just never know. Of those seven billion people only 35 million are lucky enough to have been born in Canada or .5 % of the world's population. I was one of those lucky few and I am very thankful for the circumstances that made that possible.

Other countries are very nice, but no other countries people are known for being nice. Yes, sometimes we are bullied by the big kids in the playground and have to go without lunch or in our case, cheap raw materials. We live next door to one of the biggest bullies in the world. It consistently invades countries in order to bring them "Democracy". Some of the countries already have democracy, but they also have vast deposits of oil or other valuable minerals, so they "need" to have the American democracy. I guess if it weren't the US it would be some other country that would "save" the rest of us from ourselves.

Don't get me wrong, I love the benefits from living next to the giant bully just south of us and I am currently spending a wonderful vacation on an island in the middle of the Pacific that was "annexed" to save them from foreign invasions. The fact that it is located in an extremely strategic location is only a happy coincidence. I have spent my life watching American TV and probably know more about the US than I do about Canada. Well, the TV version of America anyways.

Lately I have been fascinated by what is happening in American politics. They have elected a multi billionaire to be their president. Did I mention that he was and is an asshole? This guy thinks that if something doesn't have monetary worth then it has no value. He believes that everyone is capable of reaching the level of success that he has reached. That is true, if everyone started out with one or two hundred million from daddy.

Every now and then there will be some report about Trump entertaining some political crony or foreign potentate at an expensive restaurant. Usually one of Trumps restaurants so that he can make money and deduct it from his taxes which is why he doesn't pay any. Just by watching you know that they are eating dolphin fin soup, baby seal testicles and white rhino tail. All of this is very expensive of course, probably more than you or I will make in a year. It's really sad when you think that what The Asshole spends on food he could support thousands of food banks. But charity never helped someone be successful.

I wonder if when Trump is eating these expensive meals on his platinum dishes with gold cutlery, he is thinking that tonight when he is tweeting on the toilet he will have shit more than most people in the US will make that month.

Watching American politics is like watching a train bearing down on a school bus full of kids. You know that there is about to be a horrendous tragedy, but there is nothing that you can do about it but watch. The train is getting closer...

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