Wednesday 27 July 2016

Zombie Go

The other night Louise and I were sitting in the living room watching some mindless drivel on the tube. Since it is the summer and the weather has been uncharacteristically summery, we had the windows open to take advantage of one of those lovely evening breezes. There wasn’t much on TV, just reruns and some show about the coming zombie apocalypse. Although I have never watched one, I understand that these shows are pretty good and IF Zombies were real this is exactly how they would act. Oh, they aren’t real!
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There was a momentary pause in the sound from the TV and I heard some music coming from outside. It wasn’t the ice cream guy so I didn’t have to throw rocks at him, but there was a sound. I had had enough of scrolling down the list of crap shows and told Louise I was going to find just where the music was coming from. I got on my bike thinking that some neighbour was having a too loud, post Stampede party. Once on the bike I knew that the sound (a marching band?) was further away. Perhaps at the high school field where there was a soccer tournament happening. Nope, not there.
There is a Catholic school just a few blocks away and the music must be coming from there. I rode another few blocks only to find that the field behind the Catholic school was empty of marching bands. I stopped and wondered if this quest was worth my time, coming up with the answer that my time is worth very little and it was either this or shit TV. The next likely place was the mall parking lot which was just a mile or two away. There was nothing in the east parking lot and when I got to the west lot there was less than nothing.

I rode a little further but came to a stop and decided that shit TV was no doubt better than a search that if successful would find me watching a marching band practice. I turned around and pedaled my way back home.

When you are riding on a bike instead of driving in a car, you have more time to observe your surroundings. Sights, sounds and smells keep you engaged in the process of moving from A to B. I was waiting at a light to turn green when I noticed a couple in a pickup truck talking to a fellow bike rider. I assumed that they were asking directions from a local. The light turned green and as I road past the truck and bike I noticed that they weren’t talking at all, but were staring at their cell phones. Across the street there were thirty to forty people shuffling back and forth staring at their cell phones. It was more than a little unnerving.
If I were one of those that watched the zombie apocalypse shows, I would no doubt be thinking that I might need to get my chain saw gassed up and where might I be able to get my hands on a shotgun…quickly. It turned out that those people weren’t zombies; they were playing that Pokemon Go game. Something else I have no interest in.

I wonder how long it will be before they come up with Zombie Go.

Too Late...

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