Sunday 17 July 2016


A few days ago, a friend on Facebook and her husband had a baby. Mother and son are doing fine and I suspect that the rest of the family are doing well too. There will be some adjustment of course, but that is what happens when a family expands. Everyone on Facebook and in person is very happy for them and wish the newcomer to the planet a very warm welcome.

They named their son Easton, which is a pretty cool name and I was sure that somewhere in the depths of my past I had known someone who had that name, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember who. It turns out that Easton is a sports equipment company and since the family is just crazy about baseball, the name makes sense.

One of the first things I do when I hear about a new birth is to try and anticipate what the kid will be called after the “Baby Boy” tag is removed. Parents wrack their brains to come up with the perfect name for what will be the perfect child. I am sure that my mom and dad did the same thing and even though I was named Kenneth, I was known as Kenny, Ken, Harrison and more than a few unflattering names during my lifetime. I was lucky; no one felt the need to give me a name like Dopey, Smelly, Master Bater, four-eyes or any of a million unpleasant names that can stick with you throughout your life.

I have thought of a few for Easton, but it is better that those names grow organically and hopefully are welcomed by little Easton. Kids can be cruel. Sometimes, the worst names are the ones your mom and dad use on a daily basis. It isn’t so bad when your parents are using them, but when your buddies hear those baby names you kind of wish you were dead.

When I was named in the early fifties, the name Kenneth was very popular for some reason. I did a quick search and couldn’t find any good reason. To the best of my knowledge, no one in the family had the name Ken. Maybe that was the point. In grade three, there were five Kens in my class and the teacher made us sit in different rows in order to keep track of us. Sometimes parents name their kids after a loved family member of pick a name that has nothing to do with the family so that neither side can get upset.

I have noticed a recent trend for parents to make up names or put odd spelling to common names. I suppose they want their child to be special. The kid is going to be special no matter what name is given. I think it was better when names were given by the village elder, those names had meaning. I have heard once that no one under thirty should be allowed to name a child.

Anyways, Happy zero Birthday to little Easton, have a great life and know that your mom and dad spent a lot of time, love and thought on your name.

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