Tuesday 12 July 2016

Getting Back To Normal

I remember once when my dad was visiting that his fingertips cracked and bled. The natural oils and moisture in his skin had been sucked out by Calgary’s dry air. I have heard that a dry, desert like climate is good for some respiratory diseases, but not so good for soft, eastern skin.

I was raised in the humid eastern part of Canada and fondly remember how green and lush everything was. It still is by the way and whenever I visit I marvel at the riot of vegetation that is everywhere. Even the downtown concrete jungles have patches of grass that flourishes in spite of neglect. We have trouble getting our greenery to flourish when we lavish attention on it. I guess that is what 2100 miles can do to a climate.

For the past week or so we have had the benefit of a rainy, humid climate. I just heard on the news that it will be with us for another week until the Stampede is over. Sucks for the Stampede, but my lawn and garden have never grown so well. I guess they would have if I took the time to water them and pull the odd weed out, but I figure that if God wants to water and weed the garden then he will send someone to do it. If He wants to give me a winning lotto ticket, I will hire a gardener to look after my greenery and He can spent His time working on eradication of starvation and cancer.

I have noticed that my skin is less dry and the skin on the back of my hands doesn’t look like old parchment any longer. The inside of my nostrils no longer have razor sharp bits that cut into the tender walls. The weather probably sucks for people with TB, but not many people suffer from TB any longer, just the anti-vaxxers and they is a dying breed. Literally!

I should be happy to have a moist climate but it just doesn’t feel right. I am used to seeing brown grass in the middle of July, not the painfully green stuff there is this year. The lawn needs cutting every three or four days, thankfully, I broke down and bought a gas mower last year and retired the push mower I had been using for twenty years. Life is just easier that way. I have to worry about clearing down spouts which rarely got any use in other years. Every day I have to go out in between rains storms and pluck a bag of mushrooms from the lawn. I’m sure they have lain dormant since the bison roamed the prairie. I mentioned the Stampede earlier, and the attendance is down, profits are down and all of the vendors are down. I think it might also have something to do with the massive lay offs in the oil patch.

I know this weather won’t last, can’t last. The snow pack from last winter was minimal and this rain is topping up the aquifers and putting smiles on farmer’s faces. The grass will soon turn brown and more than likely my fingers will crack and bleed. It will be nice getting back to normal.

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