Thursday 21 July 2016

Dear God

I haven't asked you for a lot in this life. Well, I have asked for things but you chose to either ignore me or tell me NO. I understand...mostly.

I really don't think it was cool to have that whole "Free Love" movement and exclude me from it. Perhaps that was my fault, being just a little too shy. Personally, I don't think a small lotto win would have been a problem for you and it sure would have made parts of life just a little easier. Your call.

I have been blessed with health for myself and almost all of my family thanks for that. My kids were and are people to be proud of and I suspect that the world is a much better place for their being in it. Probably my grandkids too, but they have yet to make a mark in the world, just in my heart. I had the good fortune to have a job that I enjoyed and paid for a pretty good life. It could have been better, but we have gone over that missing lotto already. I couldn't ask for a better partner to travel though my life with. She could have done better, but I am glad that she was satisfied with "adequate".

Thanks for all of my blessings.

I do have a request of you. If you can find it in your heart would you please strike down Donald Trump with a lightning bolt, run away car, cerebral hemorrhage, aneurysm, massive heart attack or bring on a lone gunman. I know that what I ask is not the request of a good Christian, but if Louise can be satisfied with adequate then you should be also. 
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The good people of the United States seem to be losing the common sense that they were born with. If You could show them that fear is the enemy (Trump too) and that love and understanding is the way to their better future, I would really appreciate it. 
Thanks in advance...ken

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