Thursday 28 May 2015


There are a couple of things that I noticed today. They aren’t linked in any way, so bear with me.
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When Arwen was in Grade 2 or 3 she brought home a tiny pine tree for Arbour Day. The idea is the students plant the tree and watch it grow into a large tree as they grow into adulthood. I suspect that taking care of a tree would show maturity and be a learning experience for the students. Trees are also good for the environment giving birds and tree rats a place to live while converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. I’m not actually sure that coniferous trees do that, but really, who cares. We planted it in the back garden and it didn’t do too well, it didn’t die, it should have, but it didn’t. The next spring I moved it to a sheltered location beside the front door where it did equally poorly. At some point I transplanted it to the middle of the front lawn where kids could step on it, dogs could piss on it and I just might run it over with the mower. It thrived!

Tonight I had to cut yet another row of branches from this thirty foot pine tree that blocks the view of the street and is a pain in the ass whenever I cut the lawn. I should have run it over with the mower that second year, frickin’ tree! I was cutting the large branches so that they would fit into the garbage bin when I caught the smell of pine. No surprise of course since I was cutting up a pine tree. The odd thing is the memories that smell brought into my mind. It took me back through countless Christmases, the joy and love shared throughout the years with all of those who have loved me and whom I have loved. It also reminded me of every time I found myself in the mountains, forest or park. So many good times. Christmas and camping, what wonderful memories.
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I was picking up a few things at the grocery store this afternoon when I walked past the candy bar display. I used to love candy bars but lately I have to pass most of the time. Mainly because they aren’t very good for me and partly because I can’t believe that they are over a dollar each when not on sale. I used to pay 10¢ when I had the 10¢ of course. My favourites have always been made with milk chocolate. My wife and many others like that dark chocolate, but there is something seriously wrong with people who like dark chocolate. It isn’t that they are evil…well…maybe they are.
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I used to love Mars bars until they switched from cane sugar to beet sugar in the manufacturing process to save money. I also loved Jersey Milk bars for the sheer bliss of sweet, smooth milk chocolate. Over the years however, I have consistently and continuously loved Caramilk bars. Soft caramel surrounded with milk chocolate! It is like eating a tiny piece of heaven.
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I couldn’t resist buying one tonight. My stomach had been upset all day and didn’t I deserve a treat? You bet your ass I did! I sat in the car and went to open the pack when I noticed some odd writing on the back. It said “RESEALABLE”. WTF? Who just eats one square of heaven and then seals it back up? Why would anyone do that? That just shows how sick and twisted our society has become. One square! Why not eat just one potato chip? If I lived in the USA I would say that it’s un-American.

I tested the pack and sure enough it does reseal and I think I know why. When you have finished the bar and a few days later you need a pick me up then you can unseal that wrapper and smell a little bit of heaven. It isn’t at all like eating the chocolate, but it will do until you can get to the store.

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