Saturday 9 May 2015

Mothers Day

So, tomorrow is Mothers Day and all over the western world, sons are scrambling to think of something to give mom that doesn’t look like they waited till the last minute to pick something up. Daughters could be doing the same thing, but more of them have given some thought to a gift. I have always thought that flowers given by a daughter mean more than the same flowers would mean if given by a son. I am quite possible wrong, but then again I am a son and haven’t given a lot of thought to the matter at all.

I have to admit that I was always at a loss when it came to Mothers Day gifts. Well, not always. When I was very little my dad would get something for mom and put my name on it. When I was a little older, the teacher would have us do a finger painting or one of those macaroni and glue pictures that say “I LOVE MOM”. I guess the next stage was some crappy statuette or cheap perfume from Kresges and a goofy card.  There was a time in my late teens when I’m pretty sure I did finger painting again. Things got a little better when I got married, but by then I didn’t know mom that well and invariably I would pick up an inappropriate gift. Such is life.

The other day I was listening to the radio and they were talking about Mother’s Day and how you needed to make reservations for brunch or brupper. There were also suggestions about what mom’s like and they involved spas, mani-pedis and breakfast in bed. Those seem kind of lame to me. One radio personality suggested that just for the one day let your mom do absolutely nothing or anything that she wanted to do. I kind of like that idea. 

I kind of feel bad that I actually feel good that my mom is dead and I don’t have to worry about Mothers Day anymore. No more anguish over what flowers to buy or what gift to send. Anything I could buy her she would have picked up herself when she wanted it. I called her a couple of times a week when she was alive, the idea being that talking to me on a regular basis would be the best gift of all. I am the gift that keeps giving.

Yesterday I was listening to the radio and some guy from the city was saying that just because your mom has passed on you should still get her something. What? WHAT? No! NO! I have been released from the worry and guilt; I have no intention of getting back on the merry-go-round. This guy wanted people to pick up flowers and visit the gravesite. Okay, so that’s not a bad idea really, assuming there is a gravesite. 

I’m a Libra and we Librans have trouble making decisions about pretty much everything. I am no different; I look at all possible aspects of a problem before making up my mind. I am still mulling over the options about where to put mom’s ashes. I think I am coming close, but I still have some thinking to do. Don’t judge me!

Well, tomorrow I plan to get up, have a coffee and read the paper. I think I’ll have a couple of eggs home fries and another coffee. If I haven’t showered yet, I will do that and then put on a nice shirt and pair of pants. I will let the mother of my children sleep in while I walk the dog. When I get home, I will make Louise breakfast and then make myself scarce. She shouldn’t have to put up with the likes of me on Mothers Day. At some point during the day I will go downstairs, find my mom’s box of ashes and tell her how wonderful it was to have her as a mother. She quite literally made me the person I am and for every good thing that happens in my life I wish I could share it with her. I think of her every day and hope that if there is a heaven she is enjoying herself this mother’s day.  

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