Wednesday 27 May 2015

My Precious

Do you think with all of the people living on this planet there is still a possibility to find treasure?
Mankind has been looking for treasure of one kind or another for thousands of years. Sometimes people get lucky and find treasure. Sometimes people find others who have treasure and take it from them by force. Some people marry into treasure. Sometimes the guy that finds the treasure hides it and then either dies or is killed without telling anyone where he hid it. That causes a lot of other people to search for “The Lost Treasure of….” Lately, there are people who write some computer code and get more treasure than they know what to do with. There are hundreds of millions of treasure seekers that would rather buy a ticket on a treasure than to actually go out and find one. I am one of those last guys.
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Well, until today. Today I was walking the dog and found a huge, uncut diamond just lying on the ground by the side of the road. It measures about two and a half inches by one and a quarter inches by five eights of an inch. Buster didn’t even bother to sniff it, while I scooped it up and dropped it in my pocket. I felt as I would imagine Bilbo Baggins felt when his hand closed on that ring lost in the dark, under the mountain. Hopefully I won’t be bothered by Trolls, Orcs, Wargs, Elves, Wizards or Dragons.

I am sure that there will be some nay sayers out in pixel land who will tell me it’s just a piece of glass. They would be wrong. It’s is just as unlikely that a big piece of glass would be lying in my path as a diamond, so why not think it’s a diamond. I’m keeping my uncut diamond and if ever there is a rainy day I will find someone who wants to buy into a dream. Maybe I will drop it some where that a treasure seeker will stumble across it.

While I was walking and after I had pocketed the diamond, I began to wonder who thought to polish gems and give them facets. I would imagine that someone was sharpening a spear or a sword and wondered if it would be possible to sharpen a gem stone. He (or she) found that gems could indeed be polished and looked great on the hilt of his sword. The local baron probably thought so too when he took the sword from our stone polisher. That gave him an idea. He could make beautiful weapons for other people and they would die proudly wielding them on a battle field while he sat safely in his little shop polishing stones.
I will carry this gem around with me for the next few days to see if it has the power to attract treasure. The Lotto is at fifty million and Hurricane and Tornado have been digging in the back yard. Perhaps they uncovered the Lost Dutchman’s Mine. Anything can happen when you have imagination and a large, uncut diamond.
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My precious…..

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