Tuesday 8 October 2013


My buddy asked me the other day if I had the WOODSTOCK CD. I told him I had the album, the CD, a MP3 copy and if I looked around, I imagine I have a VHS and a DVD movie as well. Pretty soon I will have to get the Blue Ray movie, and I suppose whatever the next music recording format that the industry comes up with. I have drawn the line at a Guitar Hero version and I don’t care if there is a classic comic of the event, I’m not buying! Well, I might, but it won’t make me happy. He asked if I could make him a copy and of course I would. I will deal with the moral impact to my soul at a later date.

Just as soon as I got home I went to the computer and opened up iTunes so that I could do the copy right away. If I don’t do a thing when it is fresh in my mind, I tend to forget and my buddy would have to re-remind me in a couple of weeks. He wouldn’t mind, but I would feel bad about forgetting. It is best just to do the thing right away. iTunes opened up and I searched for WOODSTOCK. There was nothing selected! What?
I searched for a couple of the songs, also for Arlo Guthrie and Jimi Hendrix but there wasn’t anything from WOODSTOCK. Very strange. I know I have it and I know that I uploaded it to iTunes years ago. You know, there are other albums that I know that I own but just aren’t on iTunes at all. I suspect that it must have something to do with my switching computers once or twice since I uploaded the music. I have a back up or two which should have copied all of the music over to the new computer, but for some reason it just didn’t.

Today I had to find the box of CD’s and blow some dust off of it. I have a friend that sold all of his CD’s when he digitized the music, only to have his computer crash and lose his music. I understand that this is one of those first World Problems and isn’t on the same level as starving orphans, but it is irritating. Equally irritating is that somehow half of the music that I put on iTunes disappeared. Now I have to go to the effort of uploading again.

You know, earlier today this sounded like it might be something people might care about. Now, I don’t even care. It isn’t as if I don’t have all the time in the world to do this, and in fact I am about half way through the process. I am actually looking forward to trying to figure out how to save the music so that I don’t have to go through this the next time I switch computers. Hey, who knows…it might even get its own blog.

I suppose that I should mention that WOODSTOCK is now back on the hard drive and I have a copy for my buddy. One thing is sure though, I won’t be getting rid of my CD’s any time soon.

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