Wednesday 23 October 2013

Flu Shot

I decided that today was the day I should get my annual flu shot. I don’t know if it is effective or not, because if it works and I don’t get the flu then perhaps I wouldn’t have gotten the flu anyways. The years that I haven’t gotten the flu vaccine, and I haven’t gotten the flu, doesn’t mean that the vaccine that year wouldn’t have worked. Maybe I had a natural defence against the flu virus. Maybe I didn’t interact with anyone that was a carrier. Maybe I’m a carrier and because I am a carrier, I am immune. Who knows what goes on in the world of viruses?

So, I was going to get the vaccine after I took Tornado for skating lessons. I arrived a little early (better to be early than late) but had forgotten to bring something to read. I should put a book or two on my phone. It is a shit phone, but it would be nice to have something to read. I killed the time trying to find something to listen to on the radio (unsuccessfully), picked up Tornado and went to the rink. I don’t think Arwen should count on Tornado becoming a famous hockey player, figure skater, or even a barrel jumper. Anything involving ice bigger than a cube might be dangerous. Maybe he’ll warm to it the next time.

I left the rink and dropped Tornado at his playschool. My job was done, so I drove to the flu clinic. On the way, I passed a guy driving a Maserati into the parking lot of Walmart. That’s just not right.

I went into the clinic and took a number. I was the only guy in line, but the machine was there and who knows what the number is for? It might just be a draw of some kind and I could win a toaster. I know that isn’t very likely, but strange things happen when the government gets involved in medicine. I was called right away and told to fill out the form, which I did and then I handed it to another person who checked the information I just wrote down against my health card. She gave me the paperwork back and walked me five feet to another lady that told me to go over to the nurse that was holding up the sign that said NEXT PATIENT. I could have figured that out, but I guess they have to dumb everything down.

The nurse told me all of the potentially horrible things that could happen to me, fever, headache, muscle pain, breathing problems, facial swelling, allergic reactions and or numbness in feet, legs, arms or hands. Sure…no problem…go ahead. She gave me the shot and I had to wait for about fifteen minutes just in case I happen to have a serious side effect. What were those other things? While I was waiting, I kind of wished I had brought something to read. I should put a book or two on my phone. I looked around at the people that were waiting just like I was and to tell you the truth, none of them looked any too healthy. I decided that I would rather die in my car than take my chance of getting something from these people, so I left.

My arm is sore and I am pretty sure I can feel the flu germs multiplying in my body. There is a very good chance I could succumb over night and this will be my last entry. There’s also a very good chance that I am a hypochondriac. See you tomorrow…maybe

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