Saturday 7 September 2013


On the first Tuesday of the month, the chapel at Calgary International Airport sells off all of the items seized by security that they have determined too dangerous to take on the plane. They also sell items that have been abandoned for whatever reason and not claimed in a reasonable time.
There are all sorts of things that show up, some you would expect like nail clippers, pocket knives, cork screws, lighters, metal nail files and most anything that is sharp and can hurt someone. Some that you wouldn’t expect to see are things like an ammunition belt with replica bullets, machete, hammer, baseball bats, screw drivers, drill bits, snow globes, blenders and I have even seen a bow and arrow. Most of the things I am sure the people forgot they had in their carry on, or they just didn’t equate them with anything dangerous to air passengers.

I have known about it for a year or so and in that time I have stocked up on things that I need. You can buy a bag of about thirty lighters for $3, I have picked up all of the bike tools I need, Louise got a blender, and last week we picked up two collapsible walking sticks. The cork screws are free, so I always grab two or three and then at Christmas I can slip one in each of the kids stocking along with the goodies Santa gives. I have picked up a few back packing stoves and the best item I have gotten so far would be a Rigid jig saw for $15.

I am always looking for more bike tools, other power tools would be nice and I would like to find a really, really good umbrella. I never use an umbrella, but I have the feeling that the weather pattern for this part of the country is becoming wetter and an umbrella is going to be a thing I want in my hand. I am patient, and I will find all of the things that I want in a timely fashion.

Along with the Walking sticks and cork screws this past week, Louise saw a couple of pairs of scissors that she liked. When it came time to pay, the guy at the cash told us that he’d give us a deal if we went back and picked up another handful of scissors. We did as instructed, and now we have more scissors than we can possible use.

Brendan was over and suggested that I donate them to the Mennonite Thrift Store, which although a fine idea, it comes just a little too soon for me. I haven’t even begun to be attached to any of these scissors, how can I become unattached? There is a sequence to philanthropy. You don’t give money you haven’t earned, you don’t donate the clothing that you don’t own and you can’t give away scissors unless you know, really know, that you don’t need them any more. They might make a really unique (and dangerous) wind chime.

It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but me! Who knows when you might have a cutting emergency happen? What if someone knocks on the door and says “I am a surgeon and I need 12 scissors of various sizes for a medical emergency!”

I could say “You are in luck Doctor Man, thankfully, I didn’t listen to my son and I have exactly 12 pair of scissors.”

Kind of gives you faith in fate when a handful of free stuff from the airport helps you save some complete strangers life.

Yes, I’m very tired and getting more so by the minute……………….

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