Monday 16 September 2013

This Kind of Stupid

Just like every neighbourhood in every city, town and village across North America and more than likely Europe, we have these idiots that think that they are on a race track when driving up and down the street. There is no legal place for these people to test their cars, so I can sort of sympathize with these morons that want to see how fast they can drive.
That being said, I don’t think a suburban street with houses, parked cars and kids playing is the best place to test said vehicles. It is hard to confront these people because they are travelling so fast, but even if you do, they will deny they are a danger to anyone. Well, until they run over a dog or a kid, then they will be real sorry, “But the kid/dog ran out in front of me.” Uh-huh!

I have never been comfortable driving really fast, the idea that I am controlling a ton of metal which is hurtling along at 100 KPH, in the midst of hundreds of other cars hurtling along at 100 KPH while they are talking on the phone, drinking coffee, yelling at their kids, looking for that CD under the seat, fixing their hair or makeup and just generally not paying attention to their surroundings. When we need to get somewhere fast, I call on “Lead Foot” Louise to do the driving. I guess her sense of terror doesn’t kick in quite as early as mine does. In short, driving scares the living bejesus out of me.
Almost every night on the news you see an accident where a car is smashed, crunched, torn in half or just generally demolished. They always say “Speed may have been a factor.” Do you really think so? There are an amazing number of people that survive these horrendous crashes which is a testament to the skill of the car builders and the safety measures they have put in. The one safety feature that I would like to see in cars is a governor. The way I see it, is that there is no where in North America and to my knowledge, only one highway in Germany where the legal speed limit exceeds 110 KPH.

Okay, I know that sometimes there is a need to speed up in order to pass or get out of a dangerous situation, but that might take the speed up to 140KPH. Why do they make cars that will do in excess of 200KPH? Since there is no where that you can legally go that fast, what’s the point? It is just a temptation for the daring or the weak minded. I’m not too concerned for the daring, because generally they are professionals who know the risks and do all they can to minimize them. It’s the weak minded that I stay awake nights worrying about.

These idiots think that by putting their foot to the floor and keeping the car in a straight line and playing their music as loud as the stereo can, they are somehow manlier. It’s not as if they are actually doing anything themselves except putting themselves and others at risk. I can’t imagine that any women would be impressed by this. Mind you, there all kinds of people in the world and half of them are women. It isn’t out of line to believe that the moron who likes to drive fast through suburban neighbourhoods would be able to pair up with some moronic woman that thinks he is very manly by putting his foot down on an accelerator of a 2003 Honda Civic with a spoiler.

I know these people breed and produce more of their kind and they seem to be very prolific. The good news is that with this kind of stupid there is a high mortality rate.

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