Sunday 8 September 2013

Me - Stupid = Intelligent

I have made a pact with myself that I would write an entry every day. 

Sometimes I do stupid things, say stupid things and make stupid pacts with myself. Most of the time I write them down and they become a blog entry for the day. 

It is just possible that I have run out of stupid. I would never have thought it possible, and I am sure that Louise would back me up on that. What will I write if I don't have stupid to fall back on? I have come to rely on a certain amount of stupid to come from my mind each and every day, so that people (like you) will be able to get their daily quota of stupid and not have to create it themselves.

I guess you might say I am a dealer in stupid for those who are hopelessly addicted to daily doses of it. I am just a small time dealer in stupid, with a very small clientele. I would be the local supplier, but there are many levels above me dealing vast amounts of stupid.

Pretty much any corporation out in the world puts out masses of stupid each and every day. You have worked for these places, or have had to deal with them, so you know what I mean. You know that it should make sense, but for the life of you, nothing that they do or say makes any sense at all. We just have to accept what they say, because there is nothing else we can do other than buy a couple of hundred thousand shares in the company and maybe then what they do will make sense. However, who would buy shares in a stupid company?

Of course, the biggest suppliers of stupid would be the government. It doesn't really matter what level of government, the stupid just pours out. More stupid comes from the federal government, but the provincial and municipal levels of government add to the mass of stupid that the news services report every day. You would think that the government would run out of stupid as I appear to have done. We can keep our fingers crossed and wish on a falling star.

So, if I have run out of stupid, does it follow that what I write from now on will be intelligent? I am out of stupid, therefore, I can't say stupid things, and if I can't say stupid things but I keep talking or writing, then doesn't it follow that whatever I say will be intelligent?

I think it does...

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