Friday 27 September 2013

Socks and Underwear

Today is the getting ready and packing day for our trip to Toronto and Southern Ontario to visit friends and family.
You would think that packing for someone like me, that doesn’t really care what I put on my back would be easy, but it isn’t. I always tend to over pack those “just in case” items and pretty much everything else. I get bogged down in the “what ifs” and “we mights”, when I should be paying attention to a little thing called reality. I’m wondering if I need to take shorts and a bathing suit, on the off chance the weather will become unseasonably warm. It is fall in Ontario which means mild days and cool nights. Instead of shorts, I should bring a toque and some mini gloves, maybe a sweater or two.

I will generally bring a sketch pad in the hopes that I will all of a sudden develop artistic talent
Going to a major urban centre, I should be able to pick up any clothing or toiletries that I might have forgotten, I won’t of course but I could if I really had to. I have always wished that I was wealthy, for a number of reasons, one of them being I wouldn’t take anything with me on the plane and just call ahead to the concierge with my sizes and have him pick up an assortment of clothing and toiletries. That’s not just rich, that’s stinking rich.

What I am mostly concerned with forgetting is any of the many cords and electronic devices that I need or might need while I am in the wilderness of Toronto. Each device has its own specific cord and sometimes an adapter to boot. God forbid I have to buy and read a paper book when my eReader runs out of power. How on earth will I know what the weather will be if I can’t check the Weather Channel on my iPad? My teeth might rot and fall out if my toothbrush loses its charge. Of course the worst possible thing that could happen is that I won’t be able to write and post a blog while I am gone. Yes, I know they sell all of these cords in shops in Ontario, but I am really cheap and just don’t see myself digging into my pocket to buy something I am just a week away from.

I’ll take my glasses and sunglasses, and of course my spares, in case some rogue football catches my face unawares. If by chance all four prescription pairs disappear, I will squint for the duration. Who needs to see, I will just have Louise describe the world to me as it unfolds. I can hardly wait.
Well, time to get back to the underwear and socks. I’m pretty sure I have some that don’t have holes in them, well the socks anyways.

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