Wednesday 6 May 2020

Bread and Circuses

haven’t written very much lately because like the rest of the world I don’t know what is happening. Oh, I know what is happening I just am having a little trouble processing it. I don’t understand how so many people feel that the governments all over the world are for some reason over reacting to the threat. I guess that a certain percentage of deaths is acceptable.  

The way that I look at it is that humans, especially the humans that are rich and powerful like being rich and powerful and will do anything to keep rich and powerful. None of them would willingly part with a penny let alone shut down their businesses unless there is a very serious threat to their bank account. They cancelled hockey in Canada for God’s sake! If that doesn’t indicate the seriousness of the pandemic then nothing will.
Wash your hands and keep working from home if you can and if you can’t then from this day forward you will be considered heroes. Some of us have always known that the common, every day workers are the ones that carry our society forward, not the pampered babies that think they run the world who are cowering in their gilded cages. Enough!

I just finished baking a couple of loaves of bread. I like this recipe because it makes okay bread. It is good for sandwiches and toasting. Some breads that I have made taste much better than this, but I have no will power and can’t keep from eating the “good” loaves quickly. I have been striving for bread that is good but not too good. 
Since the beginning of the pandemic I have been watching a lot of youtube videos and found a very good sandwich bread recipe. It makes just one loaf and is very much like store bought Wonder bread. Very good for sandwiches but not as good for my morning toast. You can’t have everything I suppose. Anyway, I have been rotating the different breads and every now and then I toss in a really good artisan type bread. That never lasts too long in the pantry. I wish it would disappear as quickly from my waistline.

Last week I found a pita bread recipe so I thought “What the hell?” 

I’ll tell you that there is nothing like watching the pita puff up like a ball in the oven and when it comes out (in minutes) it is melt in your mouth. Well, not your mouth because the chance of you getting any is slim to none. This recipe will go into the rotation with the other breads. 
If nothing else comes from this strange time we live in then I have at least found a couple of bread recipes I can stuff in my mouth while I am social distancingI’ve been social distancing ever since I retired so the world isn’t that much different for me other than no more trips to Tim Horton’s for a daily coffee and there was no Roll Up The Rim this year.  

We all make sacrifices... 

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