Thursday 7 May 2020

The Guy Next Door

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in the living room debating if I should watch something on the TV or maybe I could do something creative. I have to tell you that I was leaning towards frittering away my time mindlessly watching something that might make me feel happy. It probably wouldn’t make me feel sad, until I am at the Pearly Gates and trying to explain all of those wasted hours to Saint Peter. That’s something to worry about in the future.

Louise came in from a walk and told me that the neighbour has locked her keys in the car. My initial response was “How is that my problem?”, but the mini angel on my right shoulder whispered something about the milk of human kindness and that I am indeed my brothers keeper. Hmmm… I looked out the window and saw three people huddled close together while one of them threaded a coat hanger into the drivers side window. I thought about the Corona virus and wondered again how this was my problem.

SHIT! I got up and walked out the door thinking that there was probably nothing I could do and if no good deed goes unpunished I just might die with some severe respiratory illness alone and in pain in the newly added Corona virus wing at the hospital. I walked to the side of the car that had no people and looked at the problem. SHIT again! I think there is something I can do.

Ever since I bought my first car and locked my keys inside, I learned how to open every car I have since owned without a key. Some were easier than others, but all can be opened. However, it does no good if the tool you need is locked into the trunk of the car. The newest car I have I don’t worry about because it is a push button start and if the key fob is in the car then the door should open unless the fob’s battery is dead. If that is the case then I’m back to the bent coat hanger.

I left the group with their heads together and went to my garage to get a length of plastic strapping that I have been saving for just such an occasion. When I got back I tried to get the passenger door open but was unable to get the strapping past the rubber door seal. Dick the helpful neighbour with the coat hanger had used a screwdriver to pry a gap at the top of the drivers side door. I held my breath and elbowed my way past the owner of the car and her son to get at the drivers side window. I slipped the plastic strap easily into the window and ten seconds later had managed to lasso the knob, gave a tug and the door opened.

I walked back home and in my mind I heard praises and wonderment sent my way. Truly I imagine that the neighbours won’t sleep as well knowing that the guy next door can break into their car in ten seconds.

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