Wednesday 6 May 2020

This is a Test

Okay, this is my new program for word processing, it is called WPS Office and according to the website it does most of the functions that Microsoft Office does except this one is free. Louise has Office and for about a year or so I just tagged along as an add on to her program but last night it wouldn’t let me tag on any longer unless we paid another $3 per month. Not a lot, but free is less. I didn’t do too well in Math during my school years, but I did learn that zero is lower than three.

Of course time will tell if this program is any good or if I will indeed need to pony up that three bucks every month. The info on this program did say that there were some unobtrusive ads that pop up from time to time, but so far there has been nothing. Maybe I will be able to type and save my documents only to find out that I need to pay to get them back. Kind of a digital protection racket as it were.

I kind of miss the days when I could just take the cover off of the typewriter, slip in a clean, fresh, white sheet of paper and proceed to type. Granted that the page looked pretty bad by the time I finished typing because I could never get through a whole page without any mistakes and back in the day there was no back space and delete to retype the word. Of course there wasn’t any auto correct function either. I would have freaked out if all of a sudden the typewriter erased and typed what it thought that I meant by “fucked up”.

I did think at one time that I would write all of my blogs by hand and then post a photo of the handwritten pages on the blog space. That fell apart because my handwriting is less than legible and I have never written a full page without numerous mistakes. Often I add an extra stroke onto an “a” making it a “d”. I cross out the extra stroke, but that just looks terrible. I also love fountain pens but they don’t always love me and will blot and blotch randomly on the page and there seems to be no way that I can control it.

I just wrote this to test if the WPS Office program will indeed work for my blog which is really the only writing that I do. If you are reading this then it worked or I gave up and spent the cash to be added onto Louise’s Microsoft Office program.


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