Wednesday 29 June 2016

Stewart Canyon

Just a quick one today since I left it too late once again.

It was a good day today; we drove up to the Banff area and did a short hike to Stewart Canyon. The weather was perfect and of course the scenery magnificent. There was a herd of goats that crossed the bridge over the canyon in front of us. It is nice to be that close to wild animals and neither of us showed any fear. There were some tourists that happened to be on the other side of the bridge and they are sure to have some wonderful memories of their hike in Stewart Canyon.

I sometimes get a little irritated when an area I want to visit is crowded with tourists. I can remember times that we had free reign for most of the year. Today wasn’t terribly crowded, but more so than I would have liked. I guess it isn’t surprising that others want to do the same things I want to do for exactly the same reasons. I guess that is something I need to learn in this life.

We met three Germans on the trail and had a very nice visit with them. They loved the mountains and had another two and a half weeks of vacation left. Where I thought there were too many people, they felt the trail was theirs alone. In Germany, there are a lot more people wanting to be on the trails than here. I guess I am going to change my attitude in the future.

Well, busy day…tired at night. Sleep well all and enjoy your tomorrow. 

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